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Catalogue 2017

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5-Year Parts Excl. wear items

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Dear Bakers We are celebrating 70 years of JAC. Above all, we owe this longevity to you. In fact, it is thanks to the encouragement and loyalty of so many of you around the world that, over the years, we have become a force in the bakery sector. What a road we have travelled since the days of the first slicing machines in a 100 sq. m. workshop. At this stage in our history, we are able to offer you a complete range of machines, both in the slicing sector and in dough processing. Every product has come into being by us listening to what you want and then through the imagination and...

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Christophe Zunic - Le four à bois - Reims - France

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At your disposal and at your service Semi-automatic frame slicers Automatic frame slicers Automatic circular blade slicers Self-service frame slicers Self-service circular blade slicers Accessories for continuous cut slicers

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Sourdough fermentors Hydraulic dividers Divider-moulder accessories Volumetric dividers Moulder accessories Automated production lines

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After sales service JAC's research and development team is split into two sectors: bread slicing and dough processing. Located at both manufacturing facilities and seamlessly linked to the other departments. R&D's goal is to constantly innovate and develop market leading products which respond to customer requirements and ever-evolving market needs. Interactive and multi-cultural, two qualities that define our sales team. Wherever you are it is our goal to be by your side and to understand, support and respond efficiently to your requirements. We want to be your partner. Responsiveness and...

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«I was won over as soon as I bought my first JAC machine and I have never changed my mind over the years. Today I have a JAC slicer in all of my branches.» Mr Hans-Peter Saur «Bäcker Saur» Harb am Neckar, Deutschland «As we develop our company, we place the emphasis on selling sourdough bread made with traditional yeast and the Tradilevain. It is also a priority for us to kit out all our stores with the right slicer; this is why we have been working with Jac for many years.» Wojtek Skałbania «Piekarnia Rustykalna» Radom, Poland «Bread is life! When you produce it correctly, you respect it!...

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Bread slicers Semi-automatic frame slicers Automatic frame slicers Automatic circular blade slicers Innovation is our motivation. We strive to bring original and practical solutions to our customers. Our newest model “SLIM” is a good example. SLIM brings a new angle to the market, a new way of slicing and a big space saving. As always JAC is market leader bringing new technologies to you. All our circular blade slicers are fitted with an automatic claw, because, at JAC, comfort takes precedence over technical considerations. Position the loaf, close the cover; the claw locks the loaf in...

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Self-service frame slicers Self-service circular blade slicers Efficiency The Intelligent Slicing Concept (ISC) is a (patented) continuous automatic management system which adapts the cutting action according to the consistency of the bread. This patented system slices all types of bread without operator input, whether open textured, crusty or dense, with no need to worry about adjusting the slicer. Just like you, the JAC ISC slicer has real know-how. Ergonomics Ergonomics research has led JAC's engineers to design a force inverter linked to the slicing lever. This device allows you to save...

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Sourdough fermentors Hydraulic dividers Volumetric dividers Our expertiseEfficiency    Hygiene    Ease of use As a dough processing specialist JAC offers much more than just a machine. We offer complete dough processing solutions. Increase the efficiency of your divider with labour saving organization and tools. JAC offers compact, ergonomic and practical solutions such as rack, trays, mobile furniture and storage options etc. To ensure our JAC range of equipment comes with the highest level of sanitation, we supply our moulders, dividers and divider-moulders with stainless steel exteriors....

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Automated production lines Contort JAC DIV-R and Tradiform dividers are supplied with a (patented) anti-splatter system.Using a seal in the cover inhibits flour from being released into your bakery during the dividing cycle.The flour is channeled into an enclosure on the front of the divider. Ergonomics JAC has developed a simple, safe and effortless grid changing system. Light weight grids and our simple click and cut system make changing grids quick and easy. Ergonomics in action. Economy Noise levels are important. JAC dividers utilize hydraulic units which operate at under (-65dB) and...

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Semi-automatic frame slicer Complete range Table-top or on casters, 45 or 60 cm cutting width, single or double slicing... The JAC range of slicers is designed to meet your needs. With a traditional look or an uncluttered design and in a choice of colours, they will fit perfectly into your bakery. Affordable Very competitive pricing with superior quality is the JAC standard. Features such as robust frames, progressive traction lever, locking casters, reinforced knives, automatic lever-action stopping and starting and ergonomic crumb trays are supplied as standard. Robust Regular maintenance...

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Semi-automatic frame slicer ✓ Minimum space requirement ✓ Can be used on a counter-top or on a base. ✓ Progressive traction lever for optimum effort control ✓ Front-loading for ergonomic efficiency Traditionally Innovative

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Progressive traction lever Provides better control of effort. Holds the loaf together for easier handling at the exit of the slicer. Rear safety cover Lever actuated, it closes at the start of the cut. Front safety cover If opened during the cutting cycle, the machine stops. Wheeled base with two locking casters. Provides storage space and mobility. Removable crumb collector Made of light-weight material, accessible from the front. 7 litre capacity. JAC FLAPS Holds the loaf together for easier handling at the exit of the slicer. Type available “M” system Micronised blade lubrication system...

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