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Infinity Catalog - 7 / 28 Pages

Ultrex® fiberglass stability
Ultrex is an ideal material for windows not only for its amazing strength
and ability to repel the elements, but also for its low thermal expansion rate.
Cold, heat and time can be tough on some window materials. Vinyl, for
instance, can distort in extreme heat due to its high thermal expansion rate
(see chart above). Ultrex resists distortion even at temperatures up to 350°F.
Rapid temperature change doesn’t faze it either. When the mercury climbed
from -30°F to 70°F, a 6' stile changed less than 1/32" in length!
Pine Aluminum Wood/ Vinyl
Graph illustrates expansion values in In/In/Fx10-5
Ultrex and glass expand at virtually
the same minimal rate, which means
the entire window will stay tightly
sealed—no cracks in the material
or leakage around the glass.
holds true
like Ultrex
from 350°F
to -30°F

Infinity Catalog
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    INFINITY® FROM MARVINSince the late 1930s, Marvinhas been creating windows anddoors of superior quality with ahuman touch. The company hasearned a...
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    2So relax."Knowing that our replacement windows were backed by Marvindefinitely put our minds at ease, and our Infinity retailer handledthe entire process...
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    3You’re doing your homework—comparing replacement window featuresand benefits. We think when you’re done, you’ll find that Infinity...
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    4You may never think about windows again.Infinity windows are made from Ultrex® fiberglass, inside and out. Marvinhas nearly two decades of experience...
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    5STREAKS AND CRACKS?Over time, vinyl will show its age.Spots, streaks and cracks canappear, and once they do, thereisn’t much you can do to help.Ultrex®...
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    THE BEAUTY OF WOODThe look, the warmth, the colorIntroducing EverWood, our revolutionary interior wood grain finish thatlooks, feels, paints and stains...
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    ULTRA-DURABLE PERFORMANCESolid window, strong finish, low maintenanceLong-lasting EverWood® is made from an inorganic material, and it won’tabsorb...
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    What could be better?Energy efficiencyUltrex® fiberglass is far less thermally conductive than aluminum (500x less!)and insulates much like wood and...
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    With Infinity® from Marvin, there is no such thing as a minor detail. We pay closeattention to every aspect of our windows. So choose an option that...
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    Sierra* EverWoodGLAZING OPTIONSStandard Low E II and optionalLow E3 366 glass are alsooffered tempered, obscureand tempered obscureMore choicesExterior...
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