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Catalogue excerpts

UNI EN ISO 9001 UNI EN ISO 14001 Subsidiaries Representative Offices Partner assistance BENELUX Belgio e Lussemburgo iGuzzini illuminazione Benelux Bvba/Sprl Residentie “Het Museum II” Museumstraat 11, BUS A B-2000 ANTWERPEN Tel. +32 (0)3 241 14 00 Fax +32 (0)3 248 66 48 The Netherlands iGuzzini illuminazione Benelux Bvba/Sprl Plesmanstraat 59 3905 KZ Veenendaal Tel. +31 317 497 865 Fax +31 317 497 866 CHINA iGuzzini Lighting (China) Co., Ltd No. 2758 Huan Cheng West Road Fengxian Industrial Park SHANGHAI 201401 Tel. +86 021 6341 1199 Fax +86 021 3365 5201

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1 iGuzzini Table of contents 32 Lux Biodynamic light systems 48 Express recessed 82 Vision Square 82 Vision Rectangle 78 X26 90 Ledplus all glass 90 Ledplus all glass 90 Ledplus stainless steel frame 90 Ledplus stainless steel frame 58 MicroFrame 70 Deep Minimal 70 Deep Frame 12 Primopiano 16 Le Perroquet 20 Tecnica 24 Sydecar 28 Parallel square 36 Express This catalogue presents the complete range of LED luminaires. All information about other iGuzzini products is available on our website and in the following catalogues: Internal lighting systems External lighting systems New...

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2 iGuzzini Table of contents 152 Glim Cube RGB 190 Light Up w.p. RGB 196 Light Up light RGB 178 Ledplus RGB stainless steel frame with screws Lighting projector systems for urban areas 110 FrameWoody 110 MultiWoody flanges 110 MultiWoody horizontal arms 110 CityWoody 116 Platea Pendant luminaires 166 Linealuce 110 FrameWoody Systems for urban areas 98 Archilede 104 Cut-Off Delphi - Argo 106 Cut-Off Argo span-wire installation 108 Lavinia Professional fittings with dynamic colour changes 110 MaxiWoody RGB 116 Platea RGB 126 Woody RGB 166 Linealuce wall-mounted RGB 166 Linealuce recessed RGB Floodlights...

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3 iGuzzini Table of contents 140 Zyl 122 iPro 140 Zyl 122 iPro 242 Effect Equalizer 236 Light Equalizer 238 Colour Quick 240 Colour Equalizer 232 Master Pro update 234 Biodynamic Quick 223 Preconfigured Systems 224 DLC Master 1 222 Lighting management systems 222 Open Systems Wall-washer luminaires 166 Linealuce 152 Glim Cube Systems for residential areas 140 Zyl 134 iTeka 148 Tee 152 Glim Cube 144 iWay 144 iWay In-ground spike luminaires 134 iTeka 126 Woody 130 Miniwoody 148 Tee 152 Glim Cube Wall-mounted luminaires 134 iTeka 126 Woody 130 Miniwoody 158 iRoll 65 micro body 158 iRoll 65 mini body...

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4 concept iGuzzini Research It is estimated that the luminous efficiency of LED's will double in 5 years and almost triple in 13 years, consequently increasing the energy saving. iGuzzini has always been sensitive to needs and requirements of the market; the Company utilizes its technical and cultural lighting know-how to offer highly innovative instruments that are able to knowingly combine LED technology, design, and the top quality that has always accompanied iGuzzini products. Today’s modern life has ever more risks tied to pollution and the need to moderate the use of traditional energy sources....

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5 concept iGuzzini Performance Via special devices (chips) it is possible to insert and manage a large number of LEDs in one fitting at the same time (even different coloured LEDs). This guarantees maximum customization and management of light and colour to create beautiful light scenery. An LED (“Light Emitting Diode”) has low energy consumption and high potential yield. Produced and built without interior filaments (which are more fragile and subject to rupture), or mobile parts, LEDs ensure a longer life and more dependability compared to other lamps Low temperature High chromatic saturation...

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6 Quality and Control concept iGuzzini LED Dissipation Printed circuit board Optics 0.25 0.25 0.27 0.29 0.31 0.33 0.35 0.37 0.39 0.41 0.43 0.45 0.47 0.49 0.27 0.29 0.31 0.33 0.35 0.37 0.39 0.41 0.43 0.45 0.47 YO YA XP XO XN XM WP WQ WO WN WM VP VO VN VM UP UO UN UM TP TO TN TM SP SO SN SM RP RO RN RM QP QO QN QM PP PO PN PM NP NO NN NM MP MO MN MM 4500K 3500K 2670K 10000K blackbody locus Cool White Neutral White Warm White The development process of LED products is complex and delicate. It takes attentive quality controls to produce a fitting that complies with requirements. Therefore iGuzzini...

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7 All these products use last-generation LED's and optics, giving a significant contribution to energy saving while ensuring high levels of luminous efficiency. -CO2 ReLighting the route to sustainability Saving Energy is an issue that requires attention and dedication. As a testament to our devotion to energy savings, "-CO2 ReLighting" was born. This project's objective is light quality by using less energy, and therefore less CO2 emissions. To do this, iGuzzini has made fittings and lighting systems that use technology to contain the amount of energy that is used and therefore to reduce pollution:...

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9 PizzaKobra design Ron Arad Ron Arad's genius takes shape in an object with exclusive design. Soft fluid lines merge into an extremely flexible spiral, where high-tech joints permit a numberless series of soft positions. PizzaKobra is a combination of art and technique that delivers very high luminous performances, taking full advantage of LED's to stimulate attention and concentration. A desk luminaire that encompasses innovation and technology. Cool white (6700K) Index

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10 • Desk luminaire made of aluminium and steel with glossy chrome-plated finish, formed of concentric spires and adjustable head made of die-cast aluminium. •The base of the luminaire is provided with anti-scratch rubber feet. • The spires are mechanically joined by means of special high-tech hidden couplings, suitably calibrated to guarantee a specific friction to each coupling section. • The head houses 6 1W white light LEDs with diffusing lenses and switch-on system with on-off touch switch and stand-by sensor. • The L=2000mm transparent power supply cable includes the adapter with socket....

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12 Neutral white (4200K) Warm white (3100K) Primopiano design Piano Design The design is full of originality and sophistication, with an essential square shape that recalls the old optical bench cameras, converting the space in a sort of photographic set. Innovation stems from a genius mind and plays with the need of creating a lighting fixture that conjugates quality and excellent performance with modern design and high-level aesthetics. This amazing luminaire integrates with strong personality and determination in different application settings, especially museums and retail areas. Primopiano...

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