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design iGuzzini iGuzzini Deep Laser
• Fixed and adjustable recessed
luminaires with circular and square
shape, installed with or without rim,
equipped with LED's.
• Made of die-cast aluminium
• Available in 3 different sizes.
• LED luminaires are provided in the
upper part with a thermal dissipator
to favour disposal of heat generated
by light source.
• Deep laser versions with rim made
of a single die-cast aluminium body.
• Springs for easy recessed
installation in false ceilings with
thickness from 1 mm to 30 mm.
• Deep Laser versions without rim
made of a die-cast aluminium ring
for fixing to plasterboard false
ceilings with 12.5mm thickness.
• High-efficiency LED luminaires in
warm white (3100K), neutral white
(4200K) and RGB (medium-sized
body) versions.
• Optics with medium light cone
and single thermoplastic lens.
• LED luminaires with medium
and large body are supplied
with electronic control gear.
• The technical characteristics
of the fitting comply with
EN60598-1 standard.
Reflector complete
with soft lens filter
IP 44
Easy maintenance Total safety with
spring fixing system
Minimal installation
(flush with ceiling)
Frame installation
(with rim)
Visual comfort Light management

LED fittings
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    62design G. Aulenti - P. Castiglioni iGuzzini MicroFrame15Paris - France:Dior BoutiquePhoto: Didier Boy de la Tourluminaire codeSQ01lamp88,5 17088,578x781...
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    65Deep Laserdesign iGuzziniLED RGB DALIA range of multilamp recessedluminaires designed to give a flexibleanswer to the lighting requirementsof retail...
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    66design iGuzzini iGuzzini Deep LaserVisual comfortVisual comfort acquires a crucial rolein accomodation facilities, privatehouses and especially retail...
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    6x2 W LED RGB6x2 W LED RGB6x2 W LED RGB68design iGuzzini iGuzzini Deep Laserluminaire codeCircular versionfixedoptic lampM934**small bodyFrame installationmedium...
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    --69design iGuzzini iGuzzini Deep Laserluminaire codeCircular versionfixedopticadjustableoptic lamplarge body, Frame installation large body, Minimal installationM965...
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    71Deep Minimal/Framedesign iGuzziniA definite, clean design.Deep Minimal and Deep Frameare the ideal products to illuminatedisplay cabinets and showcases.A...
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    72• Multi-lamp recessed luminairesequipped with LED's.• Optical groups made of die-castaluminium, behind the installationsurface, with articulated...
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