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DUO design Paolo Grasselli Description Contenitore - Pouf. Struttura in polietilene rotational moulding stabilizzata UV. Box – Pouf. Rotational-moulding polyethylene frame. Anti-UV treatment frame. Conteneur – Pouf. Structure en polyéthylène moulé par rotation. Structure traitée anti-UV. Mehrzweckbehälter – Sitz. Rotationsgeformtes Polyethylene, UV beständig. Seat Colours Red P204 Orange P822 White P117 Black P210 Green P212 Grey P630 IBEBI DESIGN - Technical card 2016 per uso esterno coperto for outdoor use (with overhead coverage) pour usage extérieur sous abri Zur Verwendung im überdachten Außenbereich

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