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Catalogue excerpts

IBBJNDUSTRIE BONOMI BAGNI Brescia 1974 IBB is a family owned company, producing bathroom and kitchen accessories since 1974. The company is based in Bedizzole [a town in the province of Brescia, in Northern Italy), one of the most developed areas for industrial metal production. The core of our mission is the creation of premium-quality, refined products, designed to meet any installation and needed usage in full respect to the environment. Our goal is that of creating successful partnerships with our customers and playing a leading role in the field of bath accessories. For more than 40 years...

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PEOPLE IBB community As Adriano Olivetti stated, a company is first a community of people operating in a specific area, and maintaining with such area a privileged relationship. This is exactly what IBB is: a group of people, a family, aiming at growing harmoniously and respecting the world in which it operates. Creating successful ideas is to us a shared achievement ans giving life to environmentally friendly products is our commitment. THE ENVIRONMENT Producing without polluting Being environmentally friendly is at the core of IBB. We pay special attention to energy consumption and to any polluting issues...

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SHAPING OUR IDEAS From the Concept to the Product With a great expertise in product industrialization and a fully integrated factory capability, we can offer our customers many types of products and services. The creation process of developing every product [both for our brand IBB and on behalf of third parties] begins from the study of the cultural trends in home living. Ideas are developed and engineered, from the product manufacturing through the entire production cycle [realization of molds/tools, casting, finishing, packaging]. Thanks to our expertise we can also offer, upon request, support...

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NEW FIXING SYSTEMS Avoid wall drilling and possible surface damages Always more often, for practical or aesthetic reasons, bathroom or kitchen walls are not drilled in order to fix the accessories. For this reason, IBB, in addition to the standard fixing screw-kit for wall fitting, has developed alternative systems which allow the wall sealing of the products without permanently damaging the tiles, marble, panels, etc. PVD COATING Excellent corrosion/abrasion resistance, absence of allergens, unique colour-range Upon special order request, our IBB products can be treated by PVD coating [Physical...

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BATHROOM SOLUTIONS SINCE 1974 IBB srl societa unipersonale Via Benaco, 101 25081 - Bedizzole [Brescia] ITALY T. +39 030 6875811 F. +39 030 68758ft Ufficio commerciale Italia I Italian department T. +39 030 6875890 F. +39 030 68758ft ibbitalia(a) Ufficio commerciale estero I Export department T. +39 030 6875888 F. +39 030 68758ft export (

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