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Tensile Structures ETFE, the transparent architecture i-tensing is an industrialized solution that offers a great variety of economical and technical advantages. A complete system with which architects, designers, developers, etc. have the option of designing facades with a different visual look that also improves the thermal performance of the building. This highly versatile system stands out due to its reduced weight, resistance to the elements and fast installation. It is the ideal solution for buildings with large glass surfaces exposed to solar radiation requiring external protection while maintaining a high visual transparency. In textile architecture the construction of fabric structures with PVC or PTFE currently constitutes a highly-esteemed construction system. To the numerous advantages that they offer, we must add the possibility of covering large areas of light with a reduced structural cost. They are ideal for urban spaces, theme parks, commercial centres, sport facilities, the hotel trade… Textile facades ETFE is a strong, durable and transparent fluoropolymer. ETFE is an alternative to conventional materials endorsed by applications that have been in existence for more than 25 years. Exclusive technology i-tensing is a system developed by IASO's R&D department. The system is based on pre-tensioned fabric panels, manufactured in a workshop. The peripheral frame is constructed of extruded aluminium sections on which the fabric membrane is attached. The full panel is placed on site by means of a secondary structure formed by battens or supports, thus adapting to any type of construction. Fabrics Grid-like open fabrics or complete without holes. The material used the most due to its features is the open fabric Ferrari STAMISOL FT 381. Other options are polyester fibre/PVC, fibreglass/silicone, and fibreglass/PTFE. Features Transparency - Thermal comfort and energy savings - Solar and light protection - Easy maintenance - Resistant to deformation - Thermal insulation - Safety from fires Recyclable. Maximum creativity With i-tensing, architects and professionals have an extraordinary potential for creativity. The most daring creations are possible due to: colours, freeness of shape, graphic design by print, lighting effects... Applications • Ventilated facade. High energy efficiency • Curtain wall, the building can be clad for an improved aesthetic with an excellent level of thermal insulation. Energy savings from 35% to 70%. • Building renovations The qualities of the fabric results in the system adapting to any environment, building type and construction. IASO and architectural textile Our extensive experience in designing and constructing tensile coverings, in collaboration with the most prestigious architects and engineers, has made us a leading company in the sector. The numerous works built , prove this. For example, the T4 terminal of Madrid-Barajas, the Place du Caquet à Saint-Denis in France, St. Lucia Hospital in Cartagena. Comprehensive project We offer collaborating with you for the development of your project. We put our knowledge at your disposal as well as our experience and our technical and human capacity. At IASO, we develop your project with the Comprehensive Project methodology. IASO, a single party that brings together engineering, manufacturing and installation, thus ensuring project success. The benefits of our work system are perceived in each of our works. TEXTILE FACADES Administrative buildings - Cultural or educational buildings Commercial centres - Sporting centres - Community centres - Industrial buildings - Car parks… Technological foundations Tensile structures have their own technology, principally based on the behaviour of the material. The requirement of a double curvature in the entire surface of the textile membrane conditions its shapes, and therefore, its final appearance. The creative capacity and the designer’s knowledge, along with the systematic use of computer programmes are what will mark the definitive architectural result. ETFE is a lightweight material that is about 175 g/m2 for a 100 µm laminate, highly durable, which offers a wide range of possibilities in its shape and geometry for designing innovative and spectacular buildings. The lightness of the laminates and the fastening system result in lower consumption in support structures and a considerable economic savings, even more so in structures with many lights and elevated areas. It is a product with many economical advantages that amazes due to its technical characteristics: • Reduced weight • It can be coloured, printed and illuminated • Highly transparent (95% visible light / 85% ultraviolet light) • Excellent reaction to fire (B-s1,d0, according to EN13501- 1:2007) • Impermeable • Self-cleaning with rain water • Permeable to UVA rays, impedes UVC rays from entering • Minimum maintenance • Very resistant to inclement weather • Recyclable • Good resistance to impact (hail, etc.) • Does not have visible mechanical deterioration • It does not discolour or harden with time Applications with ETFE laminates allow for unique and imaginative shapes in panels as well as facades. It enables making imaginative and unique shapes and geometries. At IASO, we develop your project with the Comprehensive Project methodology. IASO, a single party that brings together engineering, manufacturing and installation, thus ensuring project success. Applications Zoos - large roofs - commercial centres - office buildings - sports facilities - skylights - passenger terminals... Comprehensive project IASO, SA Ctra. NII-a, km 460,2 - E 25194 LLEIDA (SPAIN) Tel. +34 973 26 30 22 - Fax +34 973 27 58 87 - info@iaso.es www.iaso.es Latin America - Brazil - Spain - France - Portugal TENSILE STRUCTURES Learn about the products, get solutions

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1-Vallsur Commercial Centre. Valladolid. Spain - 2-Magical Media. Lleida. Spain - 3-Millennium Square Dome. Valladolid. Spain - 4-Luxembourg Central Station. Luxembourg - 5-Islazul Commercial Centre, Madrid. Spain 6-IASO headquarters. Lleida. Spain - 7-El Tiro Commercial Centre. Murcia. Spain - 8-Las Mercedes Business Park. Madrid. España - 9-Allianz Riviera Stadium. Nice. France - 10-Iguzzini headquarters. Sant Cugat. Spain - 20-Conference Centre. Huesca. Spain - 21-Arena Multiespacio Commercial Centre. Valencia. Spain 11-San Mamés Stadium. Bilbao. Spain - 12-Santa Lucía Hospital. Cartagena Spain...

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