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Catalogue excerpts

ETFE, the transparent architecture

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IASO, integrated with creativity transparency lightness solar control luminance integration new applications design

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ETFE, values to enhance your projects ​​ IASO comprehensive project transparency - C.C. Arena - Aqualibi - Allianz Riviera Stadium freedom of shapes - Islazul - San Mamés Stadium lightness - University of Aveiro - Les Cols luminosity - Cúpula Milenio - Laguardia solar control - C.C. Vallsur integration - Corbera d’Ebre Church - Luxembourg Station design - C.C. Leclerc - C.C. El Tiro new applications - Urban Space Station technical features

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IASO ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) is one of the most innovative materials in contemporary architecture. Along with the IASO ETFE system, architects and designers plan the most valuable architectural spaces.

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comprehensive project At IASO, we develop your project with the Comprehensive Project methodology. IASO, a single partner that brings together engineering, manufacturing, and installation, ensures the project’s success. The benefits of our work system are perceived in each of our works. We value the uniqueness of each project, no matter the size. We believe that architectural value is above the magnitude of the building. Discover the attributes of transparent architecture through the works executed by IASO. Your project is our challenge!

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What is transparency? When we apply this term to ETFE COVERINGS, we can say, in a simple MANNER, that it means clearly seeing outside, seeing the clouds pass. This is what is felt inside the Arena Multiespacio. A large transparent canopy that protects customers, and allows natural ventilation of the facility.

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ARENA Multi-space comercial centre Project: ARENA Multi-space commercial centre Location: Valencia Spain Architect: Chapman Taylor Area: 6,000 m2 System: ETFE double-layer cushions of 250 microns / 250 microns transparent Three-tier structure. Allows natural ventilation inside and smoke evacuation in case of fire. The Arena Multi-space Commercial Centre brings together nearly a hundred shops dedicated to fashion. Chapman Taylor requested a large canopy of 6,000 m2 to protect and convey an open-air experience. Our challenge: optimizing weather conditions, enhancing and promoting business activity,...

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AQUALIBI water park Project: Aqualibi water park Location: Wavre. Belgium Architect: Tandem Architecture Area: 3,000 m2 System: ETFE transparent triple-layer cushions Walibi form a large leisure complex. Sport and fun under a large transparent cover. A space with just the right that together with thermal season. solution for feeling like you’re outdoors.

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AQUALIBI water park Feels like you are outdoors thanks to the transparency of the ETFE layers. The alternations at the water park included new ETFE covering that covers an area of 3,000 m2. ​​ The profile and triple-layer cushions system are attached to the glulam beams. The large octagonal pyramid has a diameter of 48 m. The rapid area, with an elongated ground plan, terminates at its end with a polygonal apse. ETFE sheets have excellent durability and stay transparent over a long time.

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Allianz Riviera Stadium Project: Exterior and inner ring of the Allianz Riviera Stadium Location: Nice. France Developer: ADIM Construction company: VINCI Construction-GTM SUD Architect: Wilmotte & Associés, SA Area: 25,000 m2 System: Monolayer with ETFE sheet of 250 microns transparent cable reinforced Allianz Riviera Stadium has a capacity of 35,000 spectators. It is alsoknown for hosting the National SPORT MUSEUM. Its complex new structure of wood and steel is viewed from the outside through the transparent ETFE enclosure. This skin is lifted into two large marquees, north and south, that break...

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Innovative facade and inner ring constructed with ETFE sheets.

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Allianz Riviera Stadium The ETFE enclosure rises in the north and south, creating two large canopies that give the whole building a more dynamic look. Its translucent silhouette fills the entire space with natural light. The inner ring of the covering is combined with the ETFE facade, constructed with the same material, which provides protection for the stands and more sunlight for the playing field. The spectacular Allianz Riviera is now another icon in the city of Nice. The new stadium hosts sports and cultural events.

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Islazul was the first commercial centre in ETFE COVERING. The more than 100 double-layer cushions that cover the skylight of the building give shape to a unique and singular structure.

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ISLAZUL commercial centre Project: Covering for the Malls and Plaza Caraba of C.C. Islazul Location: Madrid. Spain Developer: Grupo Lar Architect: L35 Arquitectos Project management: Bovis Lend Lease Area: 9,500 m2 System: ETFE double-layer cushions of 250 microns printed / 250 microns transparent

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Plaza Caraba is noted for its elliptical shape and its dimensions of 80 m long by 54 m wide. The other large skylight is in the shopping mall, where the cushions range from 12 m to 30 m long, with a separation between modules of about 4.4 m.

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ISLAZUL commercial centre Light transmission and solar radiation are reduced by printing on the outer sheet. In addition, interior elements are incorporated in some areas of the building to improve sun protection. The covering is notable for its transparency and the lightness of the metallic frame.

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Mamés can be added to these buildings that stand out due to their singular beauty. Its façade is composed of more than 2,700 slats, which all create an enclosure that changes its visual appearance as you walk around its perimeter. Onlyone single effect is achieved with a single type of geometry and highly developed engineering.

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SAN MAMÉS new stadium Project: San Mamés new stadium Location: Bilbao. Spain Architect: César Azcárate ACXT-IDOM Area: 19,500 m2 System: Monolayer with ETFE sheet of 250 microns, white colour

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From its different perspectives, we can observe a building with dynamism, which is achieved through the slats of 5.40 m by 1.20 m, with double curvature geometry. The construction of the new San Mamés stadium was planned in two phases. The facade has over 2,700 slats that are all identical and distributed in five levels. Each piece consists of a metal frame built with a circular cross-section profile. IASO has developed a hidden fastening system, which is integrated inside the profile. The white sheet is perfectly tensioned. The result is a unique facade; permeable to vision that allows natural...

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