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the simple way to cool down

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SF Type SNOW QUANTITY the simple way to cool down SnowFALL (SF) technology is the simplest way to cool down by real snow. The quality of produced snow is naturally. The snow falls down from the ceiling, hits the body and remains on the floor where it melts due to ambient temperatures. The plug & play installation and the operation of the SF technology is simple. Place the machine, connect power and water, press the operation button - the snow fall starts after lead time of 10 - 30 sec. SF technology is available as standalone unit placed above the ceiling or as split system where the cooling unit...

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® SnowBOX products are part of the Snow Industries Network The aim of Snow Industries is to supply real snow everywhere around the world at everytime and for any kind of purpose, independent of environmental conditions. No matter if you need snowmaking equipment for wintersport activities like skiing and snowboarding, tobbogan runs or snowtubbing, snowplay activities like snowman building or snowball fights, for relaxing and health enhancing uses in the field of wellness and spa, events and product promotions, industrial testings and re-searchs - we support you by providing the latest snowmaking...

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SNOW * AROUND THE WORLD Are ■ Athens ■ Augsburg ■ Basel ■ Berlin ■ Bologna ■ Bolzano ■ Bregenz Breslau ■ Cape Town ■ Cologne ■ Constance ■ Dresden ■ Dusseldorf ■ Geneva Gothenburg ■ Hamburg ■ Hanover ■ Heidelberg ■ Innsbruck ■ Jakarta Katowice ■ Kazan ■ Kitzbuhel ■ Lausanne ■ Leipzig ■ Ljubljana ■ London Madrid ■ Manchester ■ Marseilles ■ Modena ■ Moscow ■ Munich ■ Nuremberg Oberhausen ■ Oberhof ■ Oberstdorf ■ Paris ■ Prague ■ Rome ■ Seville Thessalonica ■ Verona ■ Vienna Mercedes-Benz O smart _ * toyota vodafone Red Bull AIDA Cruises ■ ATOMIC ■ Audi ■ Bogner ■ BMW ■ Capri Sonne ■ Coca Cola Deutsche...

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