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Catalogue excerpts

WINTER SPORTS ARENAS SPECIAL APPLICATIONS snow machine "SnowBOX" for snow production year-round snow nozzle "POWDERstream" for perfect powder snow event productions for perfect snow entertainment scenarios

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Housing SnowBOX 6050L Next Generation SnowBOX POWDERstream nozzle unit PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS SNOWBOX snow production up to +35°C outdside temperature state-of-the-art snow nozzle technology snow production from -3°C already at a minimum height of fall of 2.5m greater durability than natural snow or otherwise technically produced snow through higher cooling energy potential no chemical or biological additives the use of additional cooling devices or the SnowBOX snowmaking system allows snow production already at 0°C. just electricity and water required little mist formation mobile systems or...

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Nokia Totally Board, Oberhausen SNOWBOX The SnowBOX is worldwide the first mobile snow machine in serial production which is independent of outside temperatures. With this unique innovative snowmaking-system, the production of real snow is possible up to an outside temperature of +35°C – and what’s best is, without any chemical or biological additives. While conventional snow systems depend on outside temperature and air humidity, the SnowBOX snow production is nearly independent of exterior climatic conditions. The standard version is designed for snow production within a temperature range of...

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TECHNIQUE The innovative SnowBOX and its continuous further development make the SnowBOX GmbH and its sales partner snow+promotion GmbH the leading companies in the field of technical snow production. The SnowBOX "Next Generation" combines reliable snow production that is temperature-independent with simple, well thought out design and convenient electronic controls. Thanks to the flexible output system, the snow can be distributed easily and purposefully. Perfectly manufactured quality and top-grade materials guarantee the high longevity and reliability of this machine. The SnowBOX-system is based...

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SnowBOX POWDERstream in outdoor use POWDERSTREAM The innovative snow nozzle SnowBOX POWDERstream sets new standards for the technical production of powder snow. By means of its optimally adjustable mixing function, this nozzle generates a perfect spraying and snowing result with just a slight formation of dust or mist. Nothing more than temperatures from -3°C and a 2.5-meter height of fall are necessary for the production of perfect powder snow. Snow production can, however, even start at 0°C when using fans and additional cooling devices in combination with the SnowBOX. powder snow Application...

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Best slope conditions through compact snow cover SKI DOMES The SnowBOX produces compact snow whose durabilty and excellent grooming characteristics are convincing. The high snow quality makes the system the perfect solution for the snow production in ski domes. In combination with the innovative snow nozzle SnowBOX POWDERstream it is also possible to produce real powder snow. Pros of the SnowBOX in ski domes: individual planning of the snow and cooling plants reliable and proven snowmaking-system great snow quality powder snow production in combination with the SnowBOX POWDERstream only little...

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Tour de Ski, Olympic Stadium Munich FIS World Cup Ski Jumping, Titisee - Neustadt WINTER SPORTS ARENAS Since the demand is increasing, a special offer has been developed for ski resorts: The SnowBOX Factory. On the basis of the proven SnowBOX technology, 200 – 2,000m³ of snow per day can be produced right on site. In this way slopes can be covered with snow all through the year and the ski season can be guaranteed. In addition, the SnowBOX Factory is able to cover glaciers with snow in order to actively counteract their melting and decline. Creating a snow depot and using the "Snow on Demand"...

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Air & Style, Olympic Stadium Munich EVENTS The mobile version of the SnowBOX is the best choice for all kinds of events. Whether for the covering of skiing, snowboard and toboggan ramps, cross-country tracks, snow mobile tracks, snow bars, après-ski-parties with snow, building of snowmen for decoration purposes – the SnowBOX is THE snow guarantee for YOUR event. Pros of the SnowBOX at events: flexible ways of application and high reliability snow production all through the year production costs are usually lower than the premium of a cancellation insurance Fields of application "events": covering...

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Allou Funpark, Athens SPECIAL APPLICATIONS The SnowBOX proves its flexibility and efficiency in special fields of application, too. Whether for shootings, for the icing of frozen surfaces, for the covering of a wintry menagerie in a zoo with snow, as a coolingoff in wellness and sauna facilities or as an attraction in amusement parks – special fields of application or creative ideas are no problem for the SnowBOX snowmaking-system. The SnowBOX is even perfectly suited for the use in industrial plants. An ecological energy utilization concept with fixed installations, for instance, enables the heating...

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Housing SnowBOX 6050L Next Generation EQUIPMENT Standard specification SnowBOX Next Generation ready-to-connect machine in housing (plug and play) pneumatic snow transportation system mains by CEE connectors electronic SPC (stored program control) with touch display for indication of status and error, operating hours meter, service intervall indicator, advanced and automated SPC with digital pressure and temperature control, display of the different system pressures, automatic emergency shutdown, error memory as well as fully automatic or manual control of all systems of machine by display compressor...

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machine type    "SOLO" SnowBOX 6020L NG    "TWIN" SnowBOX 6050L NG "QUARD" SnowBOX 6100L NG This value takes into account the effective cooling energy potential of the SnowBOX snow in comparison with prepared real snow (=melting period). All specifications can vary depending on the particular conditions of installation, weather, sea level and water quality. The specified technical data refers to a measured temperature range of 10°C-20°C. Errors and omissions excepted, subject to technical changes. State of 06/2009.

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