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Architectural Facade Systems - 5 / 8 Pages

Liberty Place, Phase II Philadelphia, PA
Quality Control
All High Concrete Architectural Facade Systems are produced at our PCI Certified plant and inspected according to the strictest quality controls. Our controlled casting and finishing methods ensure the highest level of finish and color uniformity and crisp detail. As a result, High Concrete Architectural Facades are consistently superior in fit and appearance.
The inherent plasticity of precast concrete allows you to economically create components in custom shapes and sizes that would be prohibitively expensive in other materials. Prestressed reinforcing permits greater spans, heavier loadings and fewer framing members.
Curtain Walls
High Concrete Architectural Facades can be used as non-load bearing curtain walls for both steel and poured concrete building frames. Besides offering a variety of color and texture options, precast curtain walls also work well with other building materials. So, you can incorporate materials such as brick, glass and stone into a single facade.
Load Bearing Wall Panels
Used as load bearing units, High Concrete Architectural Facades achieve greater economy and value without sacrificing beauty. By eliminating the need for a separate structural element, our load bearing walls save money and interior space. Our precast panels are also easy to move and relocate when you need to expand.
Load bearing panels can be laid out to distribute lateral forces and reduce the load on individual connections. They can also be connected to floor slabs in buildings designed around a central core to resist strong winds and earthquakes. Most importantly, as the number of floors built increases, the economic advantages of load bearing precast panels increases proportionally.
Wall Supporting Panels
High Concrete Structures also provides Architectural Facades that support a portion of the wall but carry no load from floor or roof slabs. This design helps in structures where the exterior columns are set back from the edge of the floor.
High Concrete Structures can fabricate wall supporting panels to support multiple stories. Our precast members can support considerable wall height when they are tied into the structure for lateral stability. The inherent strength of our concrete and our precast technology allow for long spans and many different self-supporting design options.
Rock Creek Rock Creek, MD
We Set the Highest Standards.
Architectural Facade Systems
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