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Grating. Metal on a mission. Once viewed as purely functional, today’s architects and designers are utilizing grating to achieve a full spectrum Contact Hendrick for specifications, installation instructions, maintenance guidelines and warranty information. Profile Bar of both functional and aesthetic results. Many are Architectural Grating choosing Hendrick Architectural Products to provide cutting edge metal grating solutions for architectural Moving beyond functionality and landscape applications. With more than 130 years of metalworking experience, Hendrick has the capability and capacity to manufacture and fabricate grating to fulfill just about any vision for its use. Hendrick provides: Total Customization Precision-Crafted Openings Proprietary Curved Grating Custom Cutting & Fabrication Slot Opening - Up to 4” Material - Stainless Steel • Copper Nickel • Aluminum Finishes - Matte • Polished • Grained • Anodized • Painted Hendrick has engineered two proprietary construction methods for grating applications. Our Profile Bar Screen utilizes an interlocking design that produces a flat surface and quite possibly, the strongest construction on the market. It is used to produce our Radial Sunburst screen, a curved grating that provides a unique look and design option. Wedge Tread V-Wire Screens are constructed by Slot Opening - Up to 1” Material - Stainless Steel • Copper Nickel Finishes - Matte • Polished • Grained Contact us today to discuss your project! 1-877-840-0881 or email us at sales@hendrickarchproducts.com GRATING • PERFORATING • SCREENING • FABRICATING MADE IN AMERICA automatically resistance welding the wire to each support rod, producing a very strong wedge wire screen with excellent beam, burst and collapse strength.

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Drain Grating, Trench Grating, Fountain Covers Attractive aluminum and stainless steel are the popular metals of choice for grating in corrosive drain fountain grating not only keeps A variety of grating uses, one expert supplier. water moving, but can enhance the surrounding environment with a look of custom-designed style. When you work with Hendrick, you get the support Walkways, Ramps, Stair Treads & Risers Hendrick tree grates are budget- Stainless steel grating is a cost effective solution friendly and ideal for a wide for walkways and stairs that need to stand up to the variety of...

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