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LUXURA V - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

V10 Pearl White Romance

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Luxura V10 is the absolute evolution in the premium product range of vertical tanning beds. There is nothing quite like this impressive unit. The various Pearl White editions are underlined with extra­ rdinary light o concepts: Pearl White Passion with flaming red light Pearl White Romance featuring tender pink light Pearl White Cool with fresh blue light Extra class is added in the Royal Red edition. Ready to stun consumers and increase the ambience with royal value. DecoLight Stand-by light The vertical tanning bed impresses by its space-saving double wing doors, which can be opened simultaniously...

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variety Luxura V10 is the right choice of a vertical tanning bed for every sun worshipper, no matter how tall or short. The floor lift brings the sunbather up to the perfect position to ensure perfect results in facial and feet tanning. The anti-slip base and ergonomically shaped handles help the sunbather to enjoy the tanning session while he or she stands securely. Choose from a variety of tubes and face tanners: 2-metre-long XL tubes for optimal tanning of the whole body tubes with additional pink tanning part for an XLc extra attention to the face SLi with 2 x 2 high-pressure facials in the...

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SLi filters in both doors V10 Pearl White Passion Greater energy efficiency is guaranteed by the intelligent supplementary module IP Control that controls the power supply for the tubes. It also keeps the degree of impact during the lifespan of the tubes consistently optimal at the EU recommended level of 0,3 Watt/m2 and for UV-type III. If national regulations authorize, the tubes can be programmed on a higher level of output as well. IP Control is able to reach energy savings of 25% and increases the lifespan of the tubes.

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Luxura V10 features Qsens with four nozzles which spray a fresh breeze of mist over the sunbather’s body at intervals. It will make each tanning session perfectly refreshing.

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With SoundAround, the sun worshippers will not miss out on musical entertainment while tanning: V10 offers four external channels and the option to plug in a MP3 or smartphone to enjoy personal playlists. Two loudspeakers plus subwoofer guarantee a superiour sound. SmartVoice guides through the various functions by a pleasant voice. Xsens delivers a fresh fragrance during the tanning session. smar smart

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Pearl White Passion Pearl White Romance Pearl White Cool Face tanner Central air exhaust capacity (top) Technical modifications reserved. All parts that need to be service are easily accessible 680 mm from the inside of the vertical

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Face tanner Central air exhaust capacity (top) Technical modifications reserved. smar smart Floor lighting Lift system Stand-by inside lighting 2 steps adjustable body cooler Digital timer display Loudspeakers 1 hour counter non-resetable 1 hour counter resetable Internal timer Connection for external timer 2 doors open simultaniously Intensive variant with 180 W tubes with long spot and 800 h recommended lifetime. Including My MP3, SmartVoice, 4 external music channels. loudspeakers and subwoofer.

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colourful The Luxura V8 has a dazzling design that illuminates from the beautiful top to bottom. The smooth, high quality finishing –with no visible fastening materials emphasizes it’s stylish appearance. The Luxura V8 includes the special Ambient FlowLight that brightens up the room with an inviting carousel of light, with one colour seamlessly flowing into the next. Alternatively, you can select a single colour tint so the V8 perfectly matches the cabin, salon or mood. Ambient FlowLight accents the elegant design thanks to the V-shape of the doors and the accent lines along the bottom of the...

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favourite sounds The Luxura V8 knows how personal tanning can get. With its quality SoundAround Plus system, including My MP3 and bluetooth connection, tanners instantly play their own music favourites, while the solid holder on the Ambient FlowLight panel holds their smartphone or tablet. SoundAround Plus also offers a subwoofer, two speakers, friendly SmartVoice as a guide through the various functions, four external radio channels and two internal SD card channels with pre-programmed, royalty free relaxing and energetic music or to program your own playlist. other sound options to choose: Besides...

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SENS SENS display Discover the state-of-the-art Ambient FlowLight panel incl. smart touch control and see how easy tanning preferences are managed. Unique design, enlightened trendy graphics and Ambient FlowLight Clear icons for all the settings Intuitive navigation through smart touch control, well protected by the acrylic sheet more highlights: A special ventilation system -adjustable in three steps creates the most pleasant temperature while tanning. A perfect airflow surrounds the body and gives the tanning session a comfortable temperature, extra comfort and the perfect head-to-toe fabulous...

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Crystal White Rose Pink Uptown Blue * Not for EU. Technical modifications reserved. easy maintenance Maintenance and service can be carried out easily. By removing the Ambient FlowLight panel inside the V8 you have access to all electronic components. 1] On the outside, dust filters are cleaned and replaced quickly. In The acrylics are simple to remove as well, thanks to the addition, 2] the Qsens jerrycan and 3] Xsens cartridge are placed unique aluminium click system for easy maintenance like outside the vertical tanning bed in a secured unit for quick replacement. cleaning acrylics or replacing...

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we like clever solutions 1960 mm option on this vertical tanning bed is the changing room. Attached to the V8 it instantly creates a solid stand alone tanning unit just about everywhere! smar smart Wooden handle Ambient FlowLight for doors, eyeliners and floor Ambient FlowLight panel incl. smart touch control Digital timer 3 steps adjustable body cooler Standby inside lighting Changing room Dust filters Glamour Edition Internal timer Connection for external timer 1 hour counter non-resetable 1 hour counter resetable The electronic ballasts that safe 15% energy use! Only in combination with Qsens....

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