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Hajom classic and architect series
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Catalogue excerpts

HAjOm ClASSIC & ArCHITeCT SerIeS Our aim is to provide you with the best, most In the Hajom Architect Series, we have gath- comprehensive solution on the market for creat- ered together all our experience, our technical ing a seamless relationship between indoors and innovations and our craftsmanship skills to out. The core of our brand is the Hajom Classic create a completely new concept. Series – our unique sliding door design that we The range provides you with almost limitless created more than 50 years ago. The lift-and- opportunities to create your very own Hajom slide design of our sliding...

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“It feels natural to choose sliding doors from Hajom.” G e r t W ing å r d h / A R C H I T E C T S A R

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“Villa Astrid on Särö is the most beautiful house in Western Sweden.” That is the opinion of the Västra Sveriges Arkitekter (West Sweden Architects) association, which presented it with the prestigious Helge Zimdal Award in 2005. Hajom was chosen as the supplier of the sliding doors. The architect who designed the building is Gert Wingårdh. Architects’ office – Gert Wingårdh, Karin Wingårdh, Joakim Lyth and Danuta

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HAjOm ClASSIC SerIeS – SlIdING dOOrS IN A mOre reFINed FOrm The meaning of the word “quality” has become rather the core of the Hajom Classic Series. They provide the diluted. For this reason, we at Hajom have done more best insulation properties on the market, as well as the than simply apply the term to our products. We have best air-tightness, flexibility and durability. They can made it our work philosophy. even be integrated as part of the bearing construction. You can both see and feel our definition of “quality” Our unique lift and slide function provides a feeling in sliding doors we installed...

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P R O D U C T FA C T S – T H E C L A S S I C S ER I E S O F S L I D I N G D O O R S In closed, lowered position, the door closes tightly Triple-glazed insulation with toughened glass inside thanks to special sealing profiles. To open the door, and out (for improved safety) is standard. As optional turn the interior handle 180° until it points down. This extras, the doors can also be supplied with other kinds lifts the door and simultaneously moves it laterally of safety glass, sun-filter glass, self-cleaning glass, slightly to release it from the sealing profiles. This func- sound-proofed glass,...

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EXAMPLE, SPECIAL DESIGN - CLASSIC SERIES EXAMPLES OF CUSTOM DESIGNS Explanation of supplementary letters in type designations -B Sections with load-bearing wood post. -BS Sections for built-in bearing steel profile. -H Full-height glass in fixed parts - no raised sill. Example MA 0.1 Example MB 1.0 Example M 3.0 Example FB-T True vertical posts. True horizontal posts. True horizontal posts. Raised and insulated panel in fixed section. Full-height glass in fixed part

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C O l O U r S A N d m AT e r I A l S – C l A S S I C S e r I e S The design and appearance of the products in the All our windows and sliding doors that contain glass Hajom Classic Series spans a broad spectrum: below the 1 m level are fitted with hardened safety impregnated pine with a top-coated or stained glass on the inside and the outside. For additional finish, a glazing option or with aluminium cladding in information about optional extras and special solu- standard or grain designs. tions, see the “Technical Specifications” section of The doors feature sills of iroko hardwood. AlUmINIUm...

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WOOd TYPe SPeCIAl COlOUrS example of top-coated white exterior example of aluminium exterior example of oiled exterior * HAjOm SlIdING dOOrS dOeS NOT GUArANTee THe COlOUr-FASTNeSS OF SPeCIAl COlOUrS. We reSerVe THe rIGHT TO mAKe deSIGN CHANGeS ANd ImPrOVemeNTS WITHOUT PrIOr NOTICe. THe COlOUrS SHOWN IN THIS BrOCHUre Are AS ClOSe TO reAlITY AS THe PrINTING PrOCeSS AllOWS.

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HAjOm ArCHITeCT SerIeS WINdOWS / FreNCH WINdOWS The Hajom Architect Series is based on the funda- windows feature the same authentic workmanship as mental concepts of flexibility and freedom of choice. our sliding doors, great freedom of choice as regards For this reason, completely adaptable window produc- materials and colours – and a host of technical inno- tion is a cornerstone of our concept. You choose the vations: top swing windows, side swing windows with format and version – we supply windows that harmon- concealed fittings and a design that allows cleaning ise perfectly with the other...

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ARCHITECT SERIES / TYPE OVERVIEW, WINDOWS Top Swing Window Fixed Frame Top Swing Window Opening angle - 180° Non-opening window Opening angle - 45° Side Swing Window French Window - Opens outwards French Window - Opens outwards Opening angle - 90° - Left and Right Left & Right Twin doors - Left door opens

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Vl – FK Airing hatch integrated with FK, TS, SS, FdU and FYd FK – Frame post KP FK – SS – Frame post KP FK – Angled FYd/B2 – FK – Horizontal post mB 2.0 – Frame post KP 1.0

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HAJOM tzrficAt&cg' SERIES HAJOM ARCHITECT SERIES SLIDING DOORS The sliding doors in the Hajom Architect Series deliver the same high quality as the sliding doors in our Hajom Classic Series: the best insulation properties on the market, as well as the best air-tightness, flexibility and durability. They can even be integrated as part of the bearing construction. The difference between them and the models in the Hajom Classic Series is that they give you unique opportunities to create sliding doors that harmonise with your building as they fea- ture unusual, unique formats and impressive options for...

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EXAMPLES OF ARCH POSTS / AIRING HATCHES / SCREEN DOORS SD/AH - Horizontal post MA 0.1 SD/AH - Horizontal post MB 1.0 SD/AH - Horizontal post M 2.0 SD/AH -VL SF/AH SD/AH -N Airing hatch integrated in fixed section Lift and slide window. Not aluminium clad. External screen door. COMBINATION EXAMPLES SLIDING DOORS / FIXED SECTIONS Examples of assemblies combining a sliding door, sidelights, toplights - even in oblique designs to match customer requirements. The sliding doors are manufactured with combinations in full-glass facades.

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