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Catalogue excerpts

CLINKER – TIMELESS AESTHETICS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY BRICK CREATIONS The Hagemeister clinker factory defines itself through its passion for clinker products and their uses in architecture. The use of clinker bricks as a construction material has in the past, and continues to shape the look and character of entire regions. The full colour spectrum is offered by Hage­ eister clinker m bricks; from the sandy white-yellow of Danish clinker bricks and the almost black-red of British clinker to the light red of Baltic gothic clinker architecture and the dark red-blue iridescent clinkers ­raditionally...

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Hagemeister SUSTAINABILITY This term combines aesthetic, economic, ecological and social factors. Four generations have guided the company to where it stands now as one of the leading clinker brick specialists in Germany and neighbouring European countries. As well as the traditional clinker qualities such as lasting value, durability, zero maintenance and colour fastness, today’s clinkers now also offer contemporary shapes, individual colours, distinct feel, advanced production techniques and an important partnership between builder, architect and manufacturer. The Hagemeister clinker brick factory...

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YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY CAPACITY The production capacity of the Hagemeister kilns is sufficient to build a town with 10.000 single-family houses per year. State-of-the-art production plants and optimised firing processes enable a volume of approx. 100 million clinkers annually. Hagemeister’s ability to supply very large quantities of bricks from a single firing makes the company a competent partner in the realisation of large projects both in Germany and on an international scale. INNOVATION Active market-oriented research and development as well as close cooperation with...

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FACADE BRICKS La Facade · Den Bosch

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Krefeld · housing Sylt · Jensen fashion store Amsterdam · Presto, student housing

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Eindhoven · Meerhoven

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FACADE BRICKS Steinfurt · school building Kiel · housing project

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Frankfurt · housing & parking Nijmegen · Hesenberg

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London · Raines School

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Bochum · bureau complex

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FACADE BRICKS Basel · Schweizerischer Bankenverein

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Berlin-Kleinmachnow · city hall

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Hamburg · Holzhafen west Münster · Westfalen tower

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FACADE BRICKS Gent FU+BU | ModF Moscow · Burdenko building

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BRICKS – EVERLASTING QUALITY FOR FACADES Steinfurt · Houtscher Garden Zürich · Maagh

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Moscow · Burdenko building

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Cologne · Design hotel BRICK TILES

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PAVING BRICKS Hamburg, Erikusspitze · Spiegel center

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PAVING BRICKS Den Haag · city center

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Amersfoort · Jorisplein

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PAVING BRICKS Hamburg, Erikusspitze · Spiegel center

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BRICKS CAN FIT INTO ANY CONTEXT Bad Driburg · restaurant Pferdestall Moscow · private garden

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PAVING BRICKS München · Olympiadorf Kopenhagen · Kongens Enghave SOFT REDS, PLENTY OF CHARACTER, EASY TO USE

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Marburg · clinic park

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Dronten · shopping city

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Iskia · thermal bath-park

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Odense · Rosenbaeks carree

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ACCESSORY BRICKS Düsseldorf · Capitol

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SPECIAL PAVERS Crossover 90° external corner HF 9503 Transition piece between crossover kerb HF 9509 and crossover kerb HF 9515 Crossover 45° internal corner HF 9504 Special crossover kerb HF 9505 Corner high kerb HF 9002 and corner HF 9060 Special shaped pavers for access covers Spoon drain paver HF 9520 Radial paver HF 9502 combined with kerb paver

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TOUCH AND FEEL OUR CLINKER BRICKS Feel and experience our clinker bricks at our ­ howroom in Nottuln, Germany. Floors to-ceiling sample walls and large indoor and outdoor paving areas demonstrate the visual and haptic properties of Hagemeister clinkers. Numerous sample applications offer stimulation and ideas for your plans and designs. Located only 500 m from the A 43 motorway (exit no. 4, Nottuln, Billerbeck) in the direction of Nottuln, the red brick chimney will guide you to this unique clinker exhibition. The Hagemeister team looks forward to wel­ oming you.

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Directions Visit us in Nottuln and obtain all the information you require on-site. The factory and the exhibition centre are located directly on the B 525 between Nottuln and Appelhulsen. If you are travelling to us from the airport Munster/ Osnabruck via the A1 /A43: take exit no. 4 Nottuln, Billerbeck. Then continue on towards Nottuln and turn left after one kilometre. The Hagemeister chimney that is visible from afar will guide your way. Opening hours: Monday-Friday    8    am    -    6    pm (Sunday opening hours are for "viewing only", no consultation and no sales) Hagemeister GmbH & Co....

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