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Catalog excerpts

Coesfeld , 2DFAlt Berlin - Architecture: Architekurbüro Bodem, Coesfeld NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR YOUR HOUSE Congratulations! Your dream house is about to materialize. Important decisions have to be made in this time of anticipation and planning. The façade material which you choose today will decide the style and character of your home tomorrow. Reason enough to choose carefully. It is good to know that facing bricks from Hagemeister are a safe choice. This entirely natural façade material offers perfect technical properties. Hagemeister facing bricks retain their value, withstand all weathers,...

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Borken, DF Lübeck - Architecture: Architekturbüro Thesing + Thesing, Heiden CREATING A DREAM HOME Whether it is an idyllic Nordic ambiance, a clean Bauhaus style or the cosiness afforded by soft pastel shades – we all seek to shape our home so that we feel comfortable in it and it reflects our personality. The variety of possibilities for design is clearly immense. Brick series specially developed by Hagemeister accommodate the most varied expectations of clients and their architects. These brick facings allow you to express your very own ideas and aspirations. Hagemeister gives you the security...

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uality and care – Our experienced kiln masters combine high-quality clay, water, fire and air to create warm dark reds, luminous sand-yellow or exquisite shades of anthracite blue.

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Rheine, NF Lausanne - Architecture: Engelshove Bau GmbH, Neuenkirchen

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ave energy – the easy way. Energy consumption and heating costs can be reduced by up to two-thirds with a two-layer brick wall offering outstanding insulation.

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Coesfeld, 2DF Alt Berlin - Architecture: Architekturbüro Bodem, Coesfeld

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Berlin, NF Alt Berlin - Architecture: Quick-Beckmann-Quick, Berlin

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reedom of design. Building with brick gives you exciting options and almost unlimited freedom in designing your house. It permits an incomparable expression of personality and personal ideas, for no other material offers such an immense diversity of colours, shapes and finishes. Velen, NF Boston - Architecture: Architekturbüro Thesing + Thesing, Heiden

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Emsdetten, NF Friesland - Architecture: Architektin Edith Breitzmann, Emsdetten

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Hilversum, RömF Friesland - Architecture: inbo architecten bna, Woudenberg

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ry all-round. A brick façade is particularly effective at keeping out moisture and dampness. This rock-solid "umbrella" keeps the interior of the house warm and dry even in driving, slanting rain.

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lways keep a cool head – brick stores heat in summer, heating up during the day and releasing the stored heat to the surroundings at night. Temperatures inside the house remain pleasantly cool even on very hot summer days.

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trength in harmony with elegance. Expressive bricks fired in accordance with ancient tradition give modern architecture its "soul" while at the same time rooting the building in its natural environment. Coesfeld, DF Liverpool - Architecture: Architekturbüro Bodem, Coesfeld Neuenkirchen, DF Liverpool - Architecture: Engelshove Bau GmbH, Neuenkirchen

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ARCHITECTURAL BRICK Emsdetten, DF Holsten - Architecture: Verwohlt Architekten & Stadtplaner, Emsdetten

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Rheine, DF Lübeck - Architecture: Engelshove Bau GmbH, Neuenkirchen he timeless look of “old” bricks is created by combining the tradecraft of traditional kiln masters with modern-day technical quality.

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ARCHITECTURAL BRICK Dülmen, DF Holsten - Architecture: DBB Deilmann, Nottuln-Appelhülsen n evocative wall of different brick types creates highlights when combined with clear architectural lines and different materials.

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atural living in naturally built houses – bricks are a natural choice. More and more people feel the desire to live a healthy life. It is therefore only logical to live in a home built with natural materials. Bricks are 100% pure nature.

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o more renovation – while a single-layer plastered wall has to be replastered and repainted at regular intervals, a double-layer wall with brick facing does not require any maintenance whatsoever during several decades. 41

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rick facings are warm and cosy. A brick façade offers first-class protection against icy winds from the east and wet winds from the west, not only in winter. Heat loss is prevented in general and a cosy atmosphere prevails throughout the house.

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Emsdetten, WF Gent - Architecture: Verwohlt Architekten & Stadtplaner, Emsdetten

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healthy climate for living – rooms built with a facing wall of brick can quite literally breathe. This natural exchange of air and moisture is essential for creating a truly healthy climate for living. Besides which, the natural clay material does not contain any pollutants whatsoever.

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Houtscher Garten, Steinfurt, FormatMix Bergheim FU - Architecture: db db planungsgruppe, Steinfurt Architecture: planungsgruppe, Steinfurt brick facade is a worthwhile investment. Since it does not give rise to any maintenance costs, a house with a brick facade retains its value for many decades without requiring any further investment. Their durable outer shell and stability means that houses with a brick facing are sought after in the property market. Hofeiche 24, Emsdetten, FormatMix Bergheim FU - Architektur: db planungsgruppe, Steinfurt

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Villen „Auf dem Mühlberg“, Frankfurt, DF Stockholm Architektur: Stefan Forster Architekten, Frankfurt Villas „Auf dem Mühlberg“, Frankfurt, DF Stockholm -- Architecture: Stefan Forster Architekten, Frankfurt

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The colours illustrated here may differ from the original due to technical reasons associated with the printing process, for no colour print can faithfully reproduce the fine shading and impressive textures of fired brick.

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BRICKWORK BONDS Walls can be produced with a very different appearance, depending on how the bricks are arranged when they are laid. Together with the colour, surface texture, size and joint, the brickwork bond is another evocative design element. The haphazard bond comprising an irregular arrangement of headers and stretchers gives the wall a livelier look. In the block bond, Gothic bond and English bond, headers and stretchers alternate according to a fixed pattern creating a harmonious overall appearance. Stretcher and header bonds give the façade a calm look, with either the short or the long...

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