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Catalogue excerpts

A brand of Scandinavian Business Seating

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QR Codes You will find these QR codes throughout the HÅG catalogue. They will guide you to our website, for instructional videos and inspiration, to product information. Simply scan the QR code with a smart phone app.

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You were not designed to sit still. But for life and activity. Yet our modern life style often comes with long and still office hours. Luckily HÅG knows a lot about creating movement. We provide seating solutions that animates you and your workplace. A HÅG chair will forever change your concept of sitting. At its core our unique BalanceMovementMechanism™ intuitively keeps you in balanced and continuous motion, without you having to think about it. A HÅG is crafted for tasks and for creativity. It is a fusion of Scandinavian holistic design, ergonomic philosophy and environmental pioneering. It...

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With every HÅG chair comes a small…

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When you sit in a HÅG chair it comes to life. Answering to your slightest move it intuitively keeps you in a balanced position and in continuous motion. You will always feel free in a HÅG chair. It is ideal for todays dynamic and open workplaces where people regularly change working positions to adjust from solitary working, to team sessions, meetings and more. A HÅG chair is always part of the daily action. It facilitates working close to your desk or engaging with colleagues — turning towards someone, leaning backwards, sitting sideways or switching chairs with a colleague. With every HÅG chair...

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Greater than the sum of its parts HÅG does holistic design. This means the final outcome is greater than the sum of its parts. This is how we think and develop. Starting out from our four cornerstones – quality, ergonomics, environment and visual design – we focus on each of these individually. Considering all these aspects of a product, is what makes it holistic design. Addressing specific challenges, exploring opportunities, making decisions. When we combine the parts, they come together as a greater whole. As a finalised product. HÅG designs for people, their workday, their need for movement...

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All through satisfaction Enjoy what you touch and see, sit comfortably, sit actively, work creatively. The HÅG quality standards are high and set on your satisfaction. Focusing on impression, tactility, functionality, movement, shapes and detailing, we aim to be the perfect choice for your senses. Award winning quality DYNAMIC ERGONOMICS In perfect balance Balance is always the best starting point for movement. A HÅG chair intuitively keeps your body in balanced motion, vivid and ready for its next move. A HAG chair is crafted for tasks and for creativity. Animating you and animating your workplace. At...

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Movement is life. Natural, nourishing, healing. But as our working days include more sitting, movement and variation – while sitting – has become vital. At the core of a HÅG chair, our unique BalancedMovementMechanism™ works to intuitively keep you in balanced motion without having to think about it. A HÅG chair inspires you to vary your postures. Not only your body and arms, but your legs as well. Often these remain static with feet parked on the floor. As the legs are essential for the blood circulation, this affects your entire system, your creativity and work performance.

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Balance is the best starting point for movement

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A centrally placed tilting point means that you are in balance. And this is the best starting point for movement. As the seat and the backrest are linked together, the seat front rises when you lean backwards and stimulating ankle movement. This in turn activates your blood circulation. The seat lowers as you lean forward towards your desk to work.

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Keeping you animated throughout the day Active sitting requires perfect balance. The BalancedMovementMechanism™ is unique for HÅG and works on the whole body. HÅG has chosen a different approach to sitting. This is what happens: In a HÅG chair the front edge of the seat tilts upwards when you lean backwards, and down when you lean forwards. The FootControlledMovement™ stimulates ankle movements that activates the essential venous pumping mechanisms in your lower legs (“the peripheral heart”), increasing your blood circulation. Keeping you awake, alert, collected, creative, animated. Everything...

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HÅG is a documented pioneer in sustainability — both within quality standards and environmental performance. We never compromise on either. HÅG’s quality standards are high. Products are tested in accordance with a number of international quality standards for functionality, dimensions, finish and durability. And we always excel. HÅG is also resolved to remain a sustainable development pioneer. Every HÅG chair is designed and manufactured according to five basic life cycle principles. HÅG SoFi, our newest chair is a testament to our green development ethos. Today it is the most sustainable task...

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HÅG SOFI is at the forefront of development — Backrest shell in recycled PP (Polypropylene) — Replaceable textiles without the use of specialist tools — Environmentally friendly paints – silver, black, white — Armrest tops in recycled aluminium — Seat shell & covers in recycled PP (black) — Armrest stem, traverse and footbase in recycled aluminium

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Casual For those who feel at home at work. The casual HÅG SoFi is for the informal work spaces. Using soft toned textiles and subtle contrasts, creating an unpretentious atmosphere, an overall comfortable and likeable expression. Edge This HÅG SoFi makes a statement. A fashionable look for the colourful work environment, trendy and a bit daring. HÅG SoFi – a chair that surprises, using contrasting colours to accentuate details and lines. With a playful attitude it challenges and inspires.

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Formal HÅG SoFi is striking and timeless in a conservative cut. In this clean and coherent appearance, surfaces, colours and details connect to blend in or to make an impression. Always creating a sophisticated look. Whoever you are, whatever your needs – prepare for a small revolution. Attract, captivate, inspire. The HÅG SoFi is – as the name implies – designed to be styled to Stand out and Fit in according to your needs. Ranging in appearances from subtle, refined and coherent to expressive and daring. There is a wide variety of models, materials and colours to choose from and combine.

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