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Catalogue excerpts

Supplied at speed Designed for simplicity Mezzanine Floor Joist System

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Hadley Group an international business Hadley Group An international business Community Environmentally, we are committed to ensuring Hadley Group Technology is the largest in-house the most efficient use of our resources, where cold roll forming technology academy in the possible manufacturing with 100% recyclable UK. Hadley Group is protected from imitation via intellectual property rights to 145 of its Economically, we grow the business in a products and processes assuring the integrity of responsible manner for the benefit of our our portfolio. Amongst these is UltraSTEEL® employees as well...

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Hadley Group an international business Reach CORE COMPETENCIES Dubai facility

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A new level in mezzanine flooring technology A new level in mezzanine flooring technology Performance by evolution History of HADLEY UltraBEAM Hadley Group first released HADLEY UltraBEAM in 1995. It rapidly became industry standard as a value engineered product for mezzanine flooring. However, Hadley Group innovation never stands still and we constantly challenge ourselves to create ever better products. Our engineers have refined HADLEY UltraBEAM 2 TM to be lighter than the original, yet just as strong. This drives efficiency of design and makes the HADLEY UltraMEZZ® flooring system the most...

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A new level in mezzanine flooring technology Finite Element Analysis HADLEY UltraBEAM 2 has also developed using TM Hadley Group’s finite element analysis which utilises computer simulation to divide complex problems into small elements. For HADLEY UltraBEAM 2 it TM provided detailed insights into the product’s critical design parameters. We conducted sophisticated structural stress analysis, both internal to the beam and under load. The product of rigorous in-house testing Innovation is only possible thanks to Hadley Group’s in-house technology centre where we prototype and rigorously test every...

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Stronger and lighter is better Stronger and lighter is better Proven to be more cost effective than the rest Weight comparison test 12 Weight (Kilograms) per metre Design Span (metre) HADLEY UltraBEAM 2 wt.m using EC3 code TM Competitors system average wt.m Comparison tests demonstrated that mezzanine floor spans between 2.5m and 7.5m metres using HADLEY UltraBEAM 2 are lighter TM per metre than the average weight of all competitors. This ensures greater efficiencies and therefore cost savings. lighter than its competitors

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Stronger and lighter is better High Strength HADLEY UltraMEZZ® system complies with the latest All beams are produced from pre-galvanised structural design codes including Eurocode 3. grade, high strength 450 yield steel. HADLEY UltraBEAM 2 profiles have the CE Mark to All sections are considered in accordance with comply with Regulation 305/2011/EU of the European BS EN 1993-1-3. Sections have been tested and Parliament and of the Council of 9th March 2011 - the assessed by Hadley Group in association with the Steel Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Attested by EC Construction Institute...

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HADLEY DesignSuite™ software fail-safe project design process New HADLEY DesignSuite™ software Using HADLEY DesignSuite™ you can rapidly ensure the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of any mezzanine floor project. No expert technical skills are required by the user - HADLEY DesignSuite™ leads you, step-by-step through the design process ensuring you don't forget critical elements or make costly mistakes. HADLEY DesignSuite™ eliminates waste regardless of the complexity of the system so you can be sure the solution created is the best available.

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HADLEY DesignSuiteTM software FREE HADLEY DesignSuite software TM Downloading our HADLEY DesignSuite software and bringing your mezzanine floor TM project to life is quick and simple. Step-by-step HADLEY DesignSuite guides you TM through the design process and structural calculations to create system specification manufacturing, ensuring everything you are going to need is included. Latest Design Codes Cantilever Beam Connection Check Project Management Tool Full Technical Support Point Load Beam Check FREE Hadley Technical Design Support. A rapid response even for the most complex floors We provide...

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In-house delivery In a market where time is critical Quick and flexible turnaround Send your order information via our easy to use order forms or electronically. Our systems are fully integrated with today’s 3D modelling environment for quick and error free manufacturing.

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In-house delivery In-house logistics and transportation - for control and flexible service Our own dedicated transport ensures we have complete, minute-by-minute control of deliveries. Nationwide and internationally, Hadley Group can therefore move your order from manufacture to site in the shortest possible timescale. With over The Hadley Group is expert in delivering to site, on time, all the time. tonnes delivered every year Call us today on 0121 555 1300 email ask.bpd@hadleygroup.com or visit our website www.hadleygroup.com

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Hadley Industries plc (UK Headquarters) Downing Street, Smethwick, West Midlands B66 2PA Tel: +44 (0) 121 555 1300 Email: ask.bpd@hadleygroup.com Hadley Building Products Division 123 West Bromwich Street Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 3AZ Tel: +44 (0) 121 555 1340 Email: ask.bpd@hadleygroup.com HADLEY UltraMEZZ® is a registered trademark of Hadley Industries Holdings Ltd. In accordance with the manufacturer’s policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy of data, information or recommendations...

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