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Metos Manufacturing Catalogue - 180 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Cooking and Distribution Equipment Nordien-System Dishroom Equipment Metos Manufacturing Product Catalogue

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Metos Manufacturing is a business unit of Metos Group, which is one of the biggest companies in Europe in manufacturing and marketing professional kitchen equipment. The product range comprises equipment for professional food production, such as state-of-the-art combi kettles, induction ranges, pressure steamers, bratt pans and ovens, all designed, developed and manufactured by Metos Manufacturing. Metos Manufacturing products are available through Metos units in respective countries, and through a network of dedicated distributors. For distributor information, please contact Sales and Marketing. Service...

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Spare Parts and Technical Support Worldwide Long term commitments on Spare Part Services Our centralised handling of both products and spares enables us to provide high availability and cost efficiency for thousands of different spare parts. Weekly we send many shipments of spares all around the world. Even for products which no longer are ­ eing b produced, we guarantee spare part avail­ bility for 10 years. a Technical Support and Training For our international business partners and subsidiaries we have dedicated personnel to provide technical support and spare part services. For our partners...

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We are committed to environmentally sensitive thinking. In the planning, production and delivery of professional kitchens we continuously develop new, more environmentally friendly solutions. In order to achieve improvements we work closely with customers, suppliers and service companies. We have been actively creating an environmental programme for Metos focusing especially on the following points: The Metos kettles come equipped with automatic half energy function. There are also five different options for in kettle cooling allowing the user to recycle the cooling water used for food chilling....

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METOS PROVENO Ergonomic Metos Proveno – designed for heavy use High tilting kettle is fast and easy to empty. Most trolleys fit under kettle’s pouring lip. Kettle is ergonomic to clean because of it’s high tilt. Distance to floor is over 600 mm when kettle is fully tilted. No more uncomfortable positions.

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METOS PROVENO Robust stainless steel lid. All parts are easily adjustable, removable and dishwasher proof. Strong hygienic auto-reverse mixer for all mixing & whipping. The mixer is easy to remove thanks to the clean lifting handle. Easy-To-Use raised panel is easily visible from a distance. Food water inlet directly positioned for flow into the kettle, even when tilting Multistep mixing programmes tested by professional chefs. Groupable kettle pillars Can be connected to the control pillar of other Metos kettles EasyProg: 99 user specific programs. Accessory hook Facility for HACCP connection....

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METOS PROVENO Practical details 1/1 GN workstation perfect for tools, ingredients, or standardised recipes Unique stainless steel lid. All parts are easily removable and dishwasher proof. A safety grid lid comes as standard. Cream soups safely. Handmixer fits firmly to a connection on a special lid and a special smaller mixer tool mixes simultaneously. The lid and the mixer tool for use with handmixer are suitable for all Metos kettles. Strong, maintenance-free, auto-reverse mixer for all mixing, also whipping (140 rpm.). Large mixing surface mixes thoroughly. The mixer is easy to lift from clean...

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METOS PROVENO Cleaning is easy Seamless welding ensures no edges for dirt to hide. Glossy, polished surface is easy to clean with cleaning brush or cleaning tool. Automatic Burnt Prevent Control prevents food from burning to surfaces. Even milk based food does not stick or scorch. Kettle cleaning is extremely easy. All lid parts and mixer tool parts can be washed in dishwasher. Mixer tool holder for MPT-450 trolley helps to clean tool. Heavy tools can be washed in tool wash trolleys, either manually or in a dishwasher. Plenty of hand shower options.

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METOS PROVENO Advanced food temperature control is standard in all Provenos The food temperature is shown on the display continuously during cooking and cooling. It can be registered automatically for HACCP during the entire process. Energy savings: full power only when needed, otherwise always only half-power. No settings, fully automatic Proving of dough at accurate proving temperature is safe and easy No adjusting of the temperature – TempGuard reacts to temperature changes automatically BurnPrevent Control for better cooking quality and extremely easy cleaning More uniform and faster cooking Traditional...

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METOS PROVENO EasyRun program EasyRun progamming using web kettle control panel. One, two or three phase program and Clean+ wash program. The program is automatically saved and can be used later again. Can be programmed up to a week before launch. EasyProg programming: 9 phase programs for your favourite recipies EasyProg – programmable fully automatic process without user supervision. Progamming is easy using web browser or kettle control panel. Progams can be saved to a USB stick and copied to other kettles. Recipes can be programmed in 9 phases. Mixing and heating starts automatically at preset...

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METOS PROVENO Proveno cooling options Automatic cooling: Set target food cooling media, safety functions to temperature and start – that’s it! Food avoid unintentional cooling. Cool & temperature continuously on display. Hold function keeps the food at set Cooling can be interrupted, stopped or temperature. Cooling media can be tap target temperature changed during cooling. water or ice water from separate ice Automatic stop when the product is not cooled down further with available Cooling with ice bank Automatic ice water cooling C3 and C5 – closed circulation Ice water cooling C3: Cooled water...

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METOS TEMPNET® HACCP SYSTEM Wireless temperature tracking for HACCP • Automatic • Wireless • Real-time • Easy to install • Devise independent • Modular • Accessed via internet • 24/7 maintenance • Incorruptible • Alarm messages sent as SMS • Extendable Metos TempNet, see more on page 46.

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