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Hackman Distribution Catalogue - 58 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Serving and Distribution Equipment 1/2013

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Hackman Serving and Distribution Equipment Hackman is a business unit of Metos Group, which is one of the biggest companies in Europe in manufacturing and marketing professional kitchen equipment. In addition to the serving and distribution equipment assortment detailed in this catalogue, Hackman’s product portfolio includes high quality food production equipment, such as state-of-theart combi kettles, induction ranges, pressure cookers, bratt pans and ovens, as well as the Nordien-System range of dishwashing peripherals, all designed, developed and manufactured by Hackman. Hackman products are...

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Hackman Nova Serving Counters In the picture: round end-units in both ends, plate dispenser, bainmarie 800 mm, cold basin 1200 mm and water dispenser. Stainless kick plates available as option. Standard upper shelf is hardened glass. Warm units are equipped with lamp or Halotherm heat radiator. Nova collection comprises buffet units with castors, designed for self service. All the castors can be locked thus keeping the units in place steadily. The units can be used stand-alone or combined to create a self-service line to meet customer’s individual needs. All Nova basins are seamless and corners...

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Hackman Nova Serving Counters Nova standard colours ● four standard colours, other colours and materials offered ● two serving heights, 900 or 750 mm ● upper part with lamp and hardned glass shelf ● Stainless steel tray slides 250 mm as standard Nova cold basin 1200 Units with upper part with LED lamp Normal height Nova cold basin LED 1280/900 mm CB 450 LED 4318799 CB 800 LED 4318801 CB 1200 LED 4318803 CB 1600 LED 4318805 Nova bain-marie with halotherm heat lamp BM 450 H 4318810 BM 800 H 4318826 BM 1200 H 4318850 Nova cold basin 800 Nova neutral units LED N 450 LED N 800 LED N 1200 LED N 1600...

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Hackman Nova Serving Counters Units without upper shelf Nova serving counter SB 450 SB 800 SB 1200 SB 1600 Nova plate dispensers, heated PDW 2x270 Dimensions mm Electric connection 465x650/1150 0,7 kW 10 A Nova plate dispensers, neutral PD 2x270 Nova cashier unit Cashier unit double sided Double sided cashier unit narrowing part NU Cashier unit single sided Nova end units Tray end-unit 1 TM1 Tray end-unit 2 TM2 Tray end-unit 2, single sided TM2-1 Widened end-unit 1150 Shelf end-unit ShM Rounded end-unit CM Nova corner unit Neutral unit with plain s/s top Nova plate dispenser Dimensions mm 1200x900/1400...

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Hackman Nova Serving Counters Cashier unit, double sided Cashier unit narrowing part NU Nova accessories Cashiers display guard Cutlery box Fastening part Bain marie water filling Heightening frame basin GN1/1-100 Heightening frame basin GN1/1-50 Heightening frame basin GN1/1-100 Heightening frame basin GN1/1-50 Cover plate GN1/1 Cover plate GN2/1 Cover plate GN3/1 Cord channel 450 mm Cord channel 800 mm Cord channel 1200 mm Cord channel 1600 mm Cover plate Nova s/s kick plates S/s kick plates 450 S/s kick plates 800 S/s kick plates 1200 S/s kick plates 1600 S/s kick plates for tray end-unit 1...

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Hackman Nova Serving Counters Tray end-unit 2 TM2 Widened end-unit 1150

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Hackman Corona Serving Trolleys The Corona upper part is fitted with a lamp and sneeze guards. The basin has rounded corners. All the units have fold-down tray slides on both sides. Hackman Corona serving trolleys are mobile serving counters with castors, designed for self-service. The trolleys can be used individually or combined to create a selfservice line to meet the customer’s individual needs. The standard side panel material is melamine plate. Standard colors are birch and cherry imitation, grey and red. Other colors and materials can be offered. The frame of the trolley is of stainless...

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Hackman Corona Serving Trolleys ● selection of standard colors: birch or cherry imitation and grey or red ● two serving heights 900 or 750 mm ● upper part with lamp and sneeze guards of tempered glass Warm trolley with upperpart. The Corona line offers a variety of colors. Pictured side panels in red melamine. Corona standard colors Birch melamine Cherry melamine Grey melamine Corona cold trolley with upper shelf. Cold serving trolley with upper part CBUS 800 CBUS 1200 Cold serving trolley without upper part CB 800 CB 1200 Warm serving trolley with upper part BMUS 800 BMUS 1200 Warm serving trolley...

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Hackman Corona Serving Trolleys The Corona water dispenser is available either as neutral (N) or refrigerated. The hourly capacity of the water dispenser is 60 litres. The Corona line offers both neut- ral and heated plate dispenser. The dispenser capacity is appr. Water dispenser, height height refrigerated_900/1140 750/990 Dimensions mm Electric connection Water dispenser, neutral Normal_Low_Dimensions mm_ The Corona water dispenser is equipped either with one or two faucets.There are two models of faucets, mechanical The top has a glass dispenser and a sink with a drain for drip water. Plate...

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Hackman Drop-In Collection The Hackman drop-in collection gives a possibility to create flexible and unique food serving solutions with reasonable maintenance and investment costs. The idea of the collection is to build a unique food serving line by using standard technical units. The drop-in collection comprises all the units for building a food serving line. These drop-in units can be integrated into various kinds of decorative solutions. The collection includes units for serving cold and warm products, as well as soup. Units needed for dispensing plates, trays etc. are also available in the...

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Hackman Drop-In Units with Upper Shelf Nova Nova Plus Drop-In hole NOVA PLUS Nova Plus Drop-In hole Nova Plus Nova Plus Drop-In hole Nova Plus Bain marie HALOTHERM Drop-In hole Nova Plus Ceramic plate HALOTHERM Drop-In hole Nova Plus Separate upper parts LED Nova Plus Nova Plus Separate upper parts HALOTHERM Nova sneeze guards retrofit Code Dimensions mm Sneeze guards Nova Plus 450* 4308966 450 Sneeze guards Nova Plus 800* 4308968 800 Sneeze guards Nova Plus 1200* 4308970 1200 Sneeze guards Nova Plus 1600* 4308972 1600 *including plastic protection to glass edge Protection to sneeze guard glass...

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