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Hackman Cooking Catalogue - 68 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Cooking Products Catalogue 10/2009

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Hackman Cooking Products Hackman is a business unit of Metos Group, which is one of the biggest companies in Europe in manufacturing and marketing professional kitchen equipment. The product range of Hackman comprises equipment for professional food production, such as stateof-the-art combi kettles, induction ranges, pressure cookers, bratt pans and ovens, all designed, developed and manufactured by Hackman. Hackman Products are available through Metos units in respective countries, and through a network of dedicated distributors. For distributor information, please contact Sales and Marketing. Sales...

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Spare Parts and Technical Support Worldwide Long term commitments on Spare Part Services Our centralised handling of both products and spares enables us to provide high availability and cost efciency for thousands of different spare parts, which are sent daily round the world. Even for products which no longer are being produced, we guarantee spare part availability for 10 years. Technical Support and Training We have dedicated personnel to provide technical support and spare part services for our international business partners and subsidiaries. For our partners we can provide individual installation...

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We are committed to environmentally sensitive thinking. In the planning, production and delivery of professional kitchens we continuously develop new, more environmentally friendly solutions. In order to achieve improvements we work closely with customers, suppliers and service companies. We have been actively creating an environmental programme for Hackman focusing especially on the following points: The Hackman kettles come equipped with automatic half energy function. There are also ve different options for in kettle cooling allowing the user to recycle the cooling water used for food chilling....

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Proveno Combi-kettles Proveno – ve unique models. Your choice! The Proveno combi-kettle cooks, mixes and cools almost any kind of food. You can prepare up to 70% of all items in your menu with Proveno combi-kettle. The assortment comprises ve models to choose from according to your needs. A wide range of options and accessories All this and more with Proveno. allows you to enhance the combikettle of your choice. The only mixing tool with lift off scrapers for all kind of mixing. Light but strong, unique shape. A lift off safety grid enables continuous view into kettle and adding of ingredients,...

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Proveno Combi-kettles Robust stainless steel lid. All parts are removable and dishwasher proof. Combi model comes with a solid lid; Combi Pro, Cool, Cool Pro and Chill Pro have a safety grid lid as standard. Easy to use panel with ”Press-AndSelect”-logic and central dial. A self explanatory display. With the CSFP parameters kettle functions can be changed to suit needs. Strong hygienic auto-reverse mixer for all mixing, also whipping (140 rpm). The mixer is easy to remove thanks to the clean lifting handle. Removable scrapers. All parts are dishwasher proof. Handy control pillar tray comes as...

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Proveno Combi-kettles with food temperature control is standard in all Provenos The food temperature is shown on the display continuously during cooking and cooling. It can be registered automatically for HACCP during the whole process with the optional Proveno SafeTemp programme. ■ proving of dough at accurate proving temperature is safe and easy ■ BurnPrevent Control for better cooking quality and extremely easy cleaning ■ Energy savings: full power only when needed, otherwise always only half-power. No settings, fully automatic ■ No continuous adjusting of the temperature – TempGuard reacts...

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Proveno Combi-kettles Proveno functional descriptions Multifunctional timer: separate timer, programmable cooking time, programmable mixing time, programmed cooking and mixing time simultaneously, programmable start time, information of power failure and safety functions, automatic Cook & Hold at preset temperature, possibility to shorten the mixing programme’s mixing time. Standard in Combi Pro, Cool, Cool Pro and Chill Pro models. Automatic food water lling: adjustable customer specic bypass of water before lling for food production, water lling and measuring without supervision, manual lling...

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Proveno Combi Proveno Combi – combi-kettle with mixer combi-kettle with an integrated mixer and unique basic features for cooking and mixing of almost any kind of food. Mixing during the cooking gives great advantages. Proveno Combi offers this for you and frees your time for the essentials. With Proveno Combi you can do a remarkable amount of all mixing work in your kitchen and reduce physical workload by minimizing heavy food transfers from one appliance to another. Standard: - integrated bottom type mixer - mixer tool with detachable scrapers - removable solid lid - HACCP readiness - food water...

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Proveno Combi intelligent TempGuard food temperature control several preset multi-step mixing programmes auto reverse mixing programme useful and fast boost mixing function mixer speed 15-140 rpm – for all mixing, also whipping - safety functions Proveno Combi Electric Hackman Proveno Combi 40E Hackman Proveno Combi 60E Hackman Proveno Combi 80E Hackman Proveno Combi 100E Hackman Proveno Combi 150E Hackman Proveno Combi 200E Hackman Proveno Combi 300E Hackman Proveno Combi 400E Steam heated Hackman Proveno Combi 40S Hackman Proveno Combi 60S Hackman Proveno Combi 80S Hackman Proveno Combi 100S...

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Proveno Combi Pro – combi-kettle with automatic functions combi-kettle with an integrated mixer and plenty of automatic functions to ease your work. You can trust Proveno Combi Pro to work on its own and meanwhile do other important things. Proveno Combi Pro remembers, reminds you and takes care of things for you. Reduce stress and hurry and increase your chances to make success. Standard: - integrated bottom type mixer - mixer tool with detachable scrapers - AutoPack (multifunctional timer, automatic water lling) - lift off safety grid lid - hand shower - control pillar tray - HACCP readiness...

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