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WDMP sc Water Distribution Monitoring Panel - 4 Pages

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WDMP sc Water Distribution Monitoring Panel
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Catalog excerpts

DATA SHEET Distribution Monitoring Water Distribution Monitoring Panel (WDMP sc) • The right tool to establish your distribution system’s water quality baseline • Field proven instruments you can count on • Multiparameter on-line panel includes pH, conductivity, chlorine (free or total) and turbidity • Panel can also be customized with other parameters such as DO and UV organics • Easily upgradable to an Event Detection System with the patented Event Monitor Trigger System • Single sample inlet, outlet, and power hook-ups for ready-to-install convenience Features and Benefits Monitoring for water quality and security in the distribution system offers water quality managers the information vital to making important decisions regarding public health and operation controls. Some typical problems that have been detected due to online monitoring in the distribution system include caustic overfeeds, fluoride overfeeds, and pipebursts. Flushing schedules have also been optimized eliminating taste and odor issues. DW The Water Panel will assist in identifying the following potential problems that pose risks to public health when they occur in a distribution system. On-line monitoring is the first big step toward minimizing these risks: • Microbial growth and biofilm • Cross connections and backflow • Intrusion • Corrosion and aging infrastructure • Decay of water quality over residence time • Contamination during infrastructure repair Customizable Panels We offer custom panels to accommodate your individual needs. Past variations have included adding a FilterTrak 660 or a UVAS probe. Please expect a longer delivery time and possible extra charges associated with custom panels. WW E Reagentless WDMP sc—available with the CL10 chlorine analyzer in place of the CL17 Sensor Manifold The improved sensor manifold, which holds the conductivity and pH probes, compensates for degassing issues when the temperature of water changes. The uppermost sensor hole is available for use for galvanic DO or ORP. Improvements The newly improved Water Distribution Monitoring Panel (WDMP sc) is smaller, lighter and easier to use than the previous version of the panel. The smaller size even allows the panel to fit down a manhole! Calibrations are now more convenient and comfortable for staff with the redesigned calibration shelf. The new sensor manifold compensates for degassing issues as the temperature of the water fluctuates. DW = drinking water WW = wastewater municipal PW = pure water / power IW = industrial water E = environmental C = collections FB = food and beverage Calibration Shelf

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2 What’s On Each WDMP sc and Why Hach scientists chose commonly tested parameters and robust instrumentation. CHLORINE – Your Choice of Chlorine Analyzers CL17 Chlorine Analyzer (Free Chlorine or Total Chlorine) – Every 2.5 minutes, the instrument obtains and analyzes a sample using a DPD colorimetric, USEPA-approved method and provides either a free or total chlorine reading, depending on the instrument's configuration. Adequate chlorine residuals are essential to provide a first defense against microorganism contamination, yet excess chlorine can form DBPs in the network. CLF10 or CLT10 Reagentless...

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3 Specifications* Solution Types Mechanical Enclosure (optional) Drinking water, raw and treated Mounting Options Wall or rack mounting NEMA Rating NEMA 4X Process Connections Sample Inlet 1/2" OD tubing or 3/8" NPT Sample Drain 3/4" NPT or hose barb Sampler Connection 1/4" NPT connection on inlet manifold Mounting Options Wall or rack mounting Parameter Ranges pH 0 to 14 Conductivity 0 to 2000 µS/cm Turbidity 0.01 to 100 NTU Chlorine 0 to 5 mg/L CL17 0 to 10 mg/L CLF/T10 Pressure 0 to 150 psi Temperature -20 to 200°C System Specifications Controller sc1000 digital controller Sensor Type(s) Digital...

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4 Ordering Information 6846000 6846050 6846010 6846200 6846300 WDMP sc Panel comes with CL17 chlorine analyzer (specify free or total chlorine), conductivity sensor, pH sensor, and sc1000 digital controller with MODBUS®. Also included: start-up kit, 10 feet each of inlet and drain tubing, hose clamp, and manuals. Reagentless WDMP sc Panel comes with CL10 chlorine analyzer (specify free or total chlorine), conductivity sensor, pH sensor, and sc1000 digital controller with MODBUS®. Also included: start-up kit, 10 feet each of inlet and drain tubing, hose clamp, and manuals. Available with optional...

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