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Pocket Colorimeter II - 4 Pages

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Pocket Colorimeter II
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Catalog excerpts

POCKET COLORIMETER™ II Applications • Drinking Water • Wastewater • Power • Industrial Water • Field Use • Beverage • Food QC Lab Small in size, big on precision and easy operation. The Pocket Colorimeter II offers accuracy and reproducibility comparable to more expensive lab instruments, and is designed for a long working life in harsh conditions. A long-lasting LED is used as the light source, and low power requirements assure long battery life. Measures One or Two Parameters The Pocket Colorimeter II is factory programmed for one or two of more than 30 possible parameters. Many are based on EPA approved methods. No manual calibration is ever required. Simply zero the instrument with a blank, insert the reacted sample, and read the result. Wavelength-specic models without factory calibration are also available for programming custom methods. Waterproof, Rugged, and IP67 Rated The IP67 rating means the Pocket Colorimeter II will resist the elements and still function properly. A tough, impact-resistant shell protects the electronics and optics, while a lanyard keeps the cap attached to the colorimeter. Weighing only 0.2 kg—about a half pound—the colorimeter easily travels anywhere you do. Logs Last Ten Data Points With Measurement Time The Range Indicator icon on the colorimeter’s display indicates either the instrument range or the parameter being tested. For many parameters, the instrument can measure in two different ranges. The instrument logs the ten most recent data points and the time the measurements were made—no need to record results manually. Simple to Use Just four buttons on the Hach Pocket Colorimeter II allow easy operation. The Read/Enter key is used when measuring sample concentrations or to conrm menu choices. The Menu key provides quick menu navigation and selection. Use the Zero/Scroll key to zero the instrument or to scroll through menu options. The Power/Backlight key turns the instrument on and toggles the display backlight for low light conditions.

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2 Pocket Colorimeter™ II Specications* Lamp Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display LCD, backlit Detector Silicon Power Supply Enclosure IP67, waterproof at 1 m for 30 minutes (battery compartment excluded) 4 AAA batteries; approximate life of 2000 tests (use of backlight reduces this number) Compliance European CE mark Warranty 2 years Dimensions 6.1 x 15.5 x 3.5 cm (2.5 x 6.2 x 1.4 in.) Weight 0.23 kg (0.5 lbs.) Wavelength Fixed wavelength ±2 nm, varies with model Filter Bandwidth 15 nm Absorbance Range 0 to 2.5 Abs Sample Cell Pathlength 1 cm and 1-in. (25 mm) Operating Conditions *Subject to change...

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3 Pocket Colorimeter™ II Ordering Information The Hach Pocket Colorimeter II includes manual, pre-measured unit dose reagents, sample cells, and a carrying case. Reagents can be relled by contacting Hach or your Hach distributor. 5870025 Aluminum Pocket Colorimeter II; includes reagents for 100 tests 5870021 Lead, LeadTrak Pocket Colorimeter II; includes reagents for 20 tests 5870040 Ammonia Pocket Colorimeter II; includes reagents for 100 tests 5870018 Manganese, Low Range, Pocket Colorimeter II; includes reagents for 50 tests 5870026 Ammonia, Free and Monochloramine Pocket Colorimeter II; includes...

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4 Pocket Colorimeter™ II Ordering Information continured Wavelength-specic Pocket Colorimeters Program custom methods and calibrations on two channels. 5870042 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 420 nm 5870045 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 450 nm 5870050 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 500 nm 5870052 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 528 nm 5870055 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 550 nm 5870058 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 580 nm 5870060 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 600 nm 5870065 Pocket Colorimeter II; Light Wavelength 655 nm Standards...

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