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Technology For Solutions Data Sheet PRO-D3/1101 Supersedes PRO-D3/501 PRO-series Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter (Model PRO-D3 measures in ppm, mg/l or percent saturation) Certified Compliant to European Community Standards The PRO-D3 transmitter is ideal for monitoring dissolved oxygen concentrations throughout a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plant. Typical applications include aeration basins, aerobic/anaerobic digestors, and final effluent. The PRO-D3 can be selected to measure dissolved oxygen in ppm, mg/l or percent saturation, and temperature. The measured D.O. and temperature can be displayed separately or together. The corresponding 4-20 mA analog output value can also be shown. T Multiple Language Capability. T Multiple Calibration Methods. All screens can be selected for display in English or Spanish. (Different languages such as French or German may also be substituted.) The simple keypad and logical menu structure make this transmitter easy to use. Menu screens guide you through setup, operation, calibration, and test/maintenance functions. T Passcode-protected Access. For security, use the passcode feature to restrict configuration and calibration settings to only authorized personnel. T Versatile Hookup Capability. PRO-series transmitters can be wired in a two, three or four-wire hookup arrangement to meet your application requirement. All PRO-series transmitters exceed U.S. and meet European standards for EMI and RFI emissions and immunity. T Compact Size and NEMA 4X T Simple Interactive Diagnostics. Universal Mounting. The compact PRO-series transmitter can be panel, wall, or pipe mounted. Built-in diagnostics continuously test transmitter and sensor operation. Warning messages are provided for a punctured sensor membrane, depleted electrolyte, and other sensor and transmitter failure conditions. The PRO-D3 provides three calibration methods. Traditional sample calibration requires entry of a known sample value. For air calibration, the sensor is held in air as the transmitter computes calibration based on a pre-entered atmospheric pressure/altitude value and the temperature of the 100% saturated air. Saturation calibration requires the sensor to be in a 100% air-saturated process or clean water. In addition to an atmospheric pressure/altitude value, the transmitter uses an entered salinity value and temperature to compute calibration. Output. The isolated 4-20 mA analog output can represent the measured dissolved oxygen or temperature. During calibration, the analog output is automatically held at the last measured value and, upon completion, returned to its active state. PRO-series transmitters can be packaged or configured to accommodate OEM-specific needs. DISSOLVED OXYGEN

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NOTE: The measured dissolved oxygen and temperature can be displayed separately or shown together on a single screen. The corresponding 4-20 mA analog output can also be shown. Measurement Power Supply Voltage 12 VDC Two-wire Hookup Three-wire Hookup Four-wire Hookup

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Ordering Information MODEL NUMBER (see Notes 1 and 2) PRO-D3A Dissolved oxygen transmitter with wall/pipe mount kit for use with GLI membrane D.O. sensor PRO-D3B Dissolved oxygen transmitter with panel mount kit (includes gasket, retainer plate, and four screws) for use with GLI membrane D.O. sensor PRO-D3C Basic dissolved oxygen transmitter without mounting hardware (electronics only) for use with GLI membrane D.O. sensor RESERVED CATEGORY EQUIPMENT TAGGING (specify tag data) N None P Paper S Stainless steel 1 Product Number Accessories (order separately): • Retrofit Wall/Pipe Mount Kit...

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Mounting Configurations PANEL MOUNT WALL MOUNT HORIZONTAL PIPE MOUNT VERTICAL PIPE MOUNT INTEGRAL SENSOR MOUNT Model 5500 and 5600-series Membrane Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (for use with Model PRO-D3 Transmitter) Model 5600-series Ross Technology sensor pictured. For complete details and specifications on either sensor, refer to data sheet “5500” or “5600” respectively. Worldwide Headquarters and Sales: GLI International, Inc. 9020 West Dean Road Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224 U.S.A. Represented By: [414] 355-3601 [414] 355-8346 In the interest of improving and...

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