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LG162 rev2

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Model C33 Two-sensor Input Conductivity Analyzer (measures conductivity, resistivity, TDS, or calculated measurement) Ultra-pure Water Capability. Model C33 accurately measures conductivity down to 0.056 µS/cm and resistivity up to 18.2 MΩ • cm, both at 25.0°C. Backlit LCD Readout. The two-line, 16 character backlit LCD provides excellent viewing contrast under all lighting conditions. Panel-mount 1/4 DIN Case. The C33 is housed in a 1/4 DIN, plastic case. Multiple Language Capability. All screens can be selected for display in English, French, German, or Spanish. (Other available languages can be substituted.) Unique DRY-CAL TM. The C33 is very easy to calibrate. Just enter the GLI-certified sensor “calibration constant.” Conventional wet sample and zeroing calibration methods are also provided. “Menu-guided” Operation. The simple keypad and logical menu structure make this analyzer easy to use. Menu screens guide you through setup, calibration, operation, and test/maintenance functions. Two 0/4-20 mA Analog Outputs. Each of the two isolated analog outputs can be set to 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, and assigned to represent Sensor A or B’s selected measurement (conductivity, resistivity, or TDS), Sensor A or B’s temperature, or a calculated Sensor A and B measurement. During calibration, both outputs can be held at their present values, transferred to preset values, or remain active to respond to the measured value. Passcode-protected Access. For security, use the C33’s passcode capability to restrict access to configuration settings and calibration to authorized personnel only. Four Temp. Comp. Methods. Select from linear slope (% per °C), built-in ammonia temperature properties table, or built-in natural water temperature properties table to provide accurate temperaturecompensated measurements. A “no compensation” mode is also available. (For special solution compensation requirements, use GLI’s optional software tool kit to create a custom 10-point temperature table.) OEM Versions Available. These analyzers can be manufactured to accommodate OEM-specific needs. Simple Interactive Diagnostics. Built-in diagnostics continuously tests analyzer and sensor operation. CONTACTING CONDUCTIVITY/RESISTIVITY Multiple Measurements. Sensor A and B can be independently selected to measure conductivity (µS/cm or mS/cm), resistivity (MΩ • cm or KΩ • cm), or total dissolved solids (ppm or ppb). The measured values or temperatures for Sensor A or B can be displayed separately or together (four total measurements). Both analog outputs can also be displayed. The Model C33 can provide a calculated Sensor A and B measurement (% rejection, % passage, ratio A/B, ratio B/A, difference A-B, or difference B-A). Front panel red LEDs indicate relay “on/off” status.

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Sensor A or B’s measured values or temperatures can be separately displayed, or all four measurements can be displayed together on one screen. Both outputs are displayed together on a screen. Also, a calculated Sensor A and B measurement can be displayed. Measurement Selectable Ranges • Sensor B temperature • Calculated Sensor A and B measurement Parameter (or calculated measurement) values can be entered to define the endpoints at which the minimum and maximum output mA values are desired.

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Ordering Information MODEL NUMBER C33 Contacting conductivity/resistivity analyzer (with dual input) in 1/4 DIN panel mount case. Includes two brackets with adjustable screws for panel mounting. COMMUNICATIONS OUTPUT A None B HART Protocol RESERVED CATEGORY COMPANY ID NAMEPLATE N GLI Nameplate B Customer-specified Nameplate (see Note 1) C No Nameplate EQUIPMENT TAGGING (specify tag data) N None P Paper S Stainless steel C33 Product Number temperature compensation tables, and multiple sets of analyzer configuration values. The kit includes a GLI software CD-ROM and ten-foot cable terminated...

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Model 3400-series Contacting Conductivity/Resistivity Sensors (for use with Model C33 Analyzer) For complete details and specifications, refer to data sheet 2468. LITG162 Rev. 2 Worldwide Headquarters and Sales: Hach Company PO Box 389 Loveland, CO 80539-0389 U.S.A. Represented By: (800) 227-4224 (970) 669-2932 In the interest of improving and updating its equipment, Hach reserves the right to alter specifications to equipment at any time.

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