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Hach Sigma SD900 Portable Sampler - 4 Pages

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Hach Sigma SD900 Portable Sampler
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Catalog excerpts

HACH SIGMA SD900 PORTABLE SAMPLER Applications • Drinking Water • Wastewater • Beverage • Collection Systems • Field Use • Industrial Water • Pharmaceutical • Power Your sampling solution for ease of use, reliability, and low maintenance cost. The Hach Sigma SD900 Portable Sampler sets up easily and quickly in the eld. Reduced maintenance and reliable results are assured. Obtain and preserve a repeatable sample volume at a timed interval or after a predetermined volume of ow. Easy to Use Large, universal icon keys make set up simple, reducing program errors. The large, 5-line, transective LED backlit display stays readable in bright or subdued lighting. Dessicant is easily accessed from the side of the controller—no need to remove the sampler from its base. Reliable Peristaltic Pump Technology The SD900 uses a positive displacement peristaltic pump. The improved pump means fewer clogs and exceptional performance, even at heights up to 25 feet. Spring-loaded rollers reduce wear and tear on the pump and tubing. Reduced Maintenance The pump tubing life is twenty times longer than other samplers, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The desiccant tube—mounted on the side of the controller —and the pump tubing are readily accessible and can be changed in minutes with no disassembly. Applications and SDI-12 Communications The SD900 sampler is ideal for NPDES stormwater compliance, stormwater runoff monitoring, pretreatment compliance, CSO studies and monitoring, industrial wastewater discharge, and WWTP process control. The optional SDI-12 functionality allows communication with sondes. Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction Tolerates Harsh Environments The tough ABS/PC exterior of the SD900 controller is tightly sealed to withstand humidity and hostile, corrosive environments. The NEMA 4X, 6, IP67 housing isolates all electromechanical components. The keypad, switches, and display are covered by a waterproof, corrosion-resistant polyester membrane. The sealed connectors and pump shaft seal further ensure the unit’s environmental integrity. Data Management at Your Fingertips Use Hach’s SampleView™ software to view and download sample history to a computer, save templates, upgrade rmware in the eld, and download event logs. Reduce time for manual recordkeeping.

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2 Hach Sigma SD900 Portable Sampler Specications* Program Lock General Controller Housing Impact resistant ABS plastic Temperature Controller: CE Optional AC Power Supply: UL/CSA/CE Optional Battery: CE Power Requirements Programmable sampler start time/date or programmable number of counts to expire before program can start Dimensions Standard Base: 50.5 x 69.4 cm (19.9 x 27.3 in.) General Use: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) Storage: -30 to 60°C (-22 to 140°F) Certication Program Delay High impact injection-molded, ABS/PC plastic Base Housing Access code protection prevents tampering of program and...

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3 Hach Sigma SD900 Portable Sampler Specications* continued Communications EPROM Flash Memory Via RS-232 Permits embedded software upgrades in the eld Serial Interface RS-232 compatible 115 200 baud maximum Allows on-site collection of stored data SDI-12 Connectivity Plug-and-play interface to Hydrolab DS5 and MS5 sondes to provide measurement data in setpoint sampling applications SampleView Data Management Software Download, analyze, and report data, save templates, download sample history and event logs, create graphs for reports and presentations. Link directly to PC using serial port and...

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4 Hach Sigma SD900 Portable Sampler Ordering Information SD900 Portable Sampler Bundles Power Bundles include; 6 amp-hour 12 Vdc battery, 115 Vac power converter/battery charger, sample bottle(s), vinyl intake tubing (25 ft.), and Teon/stainless steel strainer. To order components separately, please contact Hach. 8754400 900SDPC1 Compact Portable Sampler with SD900 Controller; includes 10 L (2.5 gal) PE container and full-bottle shut off Lead Acid Battery, with 3-pin connector 8753500US Lead Acid Battery Universal Smart Charger, 3-pin 8754500US U.S. Power Supply, 100-120 Vac, 3 pin Cables and...

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