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Evita Oxy Transmitter - 4 Pages

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Evita Oxy Transmitter
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Catalog excerpts

DATA SHEET Dissolved Oxygen EVITA OXY Transmitter DW WW PW The Hach EVITA OXY Transmitter is a fast replaceable sensor with no regeneration needed. Its self-cleaning design makes it virtually maintenance-free. Features and Benefits Virtually Maintenance-Free Self-Contained and Highly Accurate The Hach EVITA OXY Transmitter performs with less than 30 minutes of maintenance a year. The factory “all-inclusive” sensor contains electrolyte, membranes and electrodes. Hach’s EVITA OXY Transmitter is very accurate. An extremely accurate Pt 1000 temperature sensor ensures correct temperature compensation. Cartridges (factory-sealed or self-contained) are replaceable. No reuse of working parts, i.e. anodes and cathodes. There is no need for regeneration—simply replace the sensor every two years and it’s done after 5 minutes. Unique self-cleaning design—the spherical form and the “fins” ensure that contaminants will not stick to the sensor. Forget all about immersed cleaning systems! Wipe the sensor down three times per year during normal calibration to ensure optimal performance. Versatile Configurations The EVITA transmitter is available in three versions. • Ball float style, model 4100 Automatic Calibration Calibration is done automatically by simply tilting the transmitter. It takes 5 minutes, three times a year. • Probe style, model 4150 • Probe style specific to fish farming applications, model 3150 DW = drinking water WW = wastewater municipal PW = pure water / power IW = industrial water E = environmental C = collections FB = food and beverage IW

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2 Specifications* OXY TRANSMITTER Measurement Range Dissolved Oxygen: 0 to 500%, 0 to 50 mg/L Temperature: 0 to 60°C Current Output 4-20 mA, scalable (analog or digital by HART) galvanic isolated; maximum load 750 ohm at 30 V Accuracy Dissolved Oxygen: ± 0.5% of full scale Temperature: ± 0.5°C Enclosure material PBT/PC Response Time 50 µm: t = 22 s (25 µm: t = 7 s, 125 µm: t = 110 s) Operating Temperature Air: -40 to 60°C Medium: 0 to 40°C Automatic Calibration Automatically compensates for temperature. When using the USC, automatically compensates for temperature and pressure. Salinity and humidity...

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3 Dimensions / Installation 240 mm Ordering Information EVITA OXY Dissolved Oxygen System Packages 085G4000 085G4001 OXY System Package 1 Includes: USC 6000, OXY 4100 DO Transmitter (ball float style), OXY 1100 Membrane Cartridge, Mounting Bracket OXY System Package 2 Includes: USC 5000, OXY 4100 DO Transmitter (ball float style), OXY 1100 Membrane Cartridge, Mounting Bracket Call for details* OXY System Package 3 Includes: OXY 4100 DO Transmitter (ball float style), OXY 1100 Membrane Cartridge, Mounting Bracket Call for details* OXY System Package 3A Includes: OXY 4100 DO Transmitter (probe style)...

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4 Ordering Information continued Transmitter Only 085G4064 OXY 4100 DO Transmitter, ball float style, 0 to 20 ppm, 24 Vdc, 33-ft. cable, 4-20 mA Hart transmitter DOES NOT INCLUDE MEMBRANE CARTRIDGE Range must be specified if not used with USC. Please call your Hach representative for details. USC (Universal Signal Converter) All USC listed here are rated NEMA6, 110 to 230 Vac 085G4146 USC 7000, up to 15 transmitter inputs, four 4-20 mA outputs, five relays 085G4160 USC 7000, with Profibus PA 085G4161 USC 7000, with Profibus DP 085G4140 USC 6000, one transmitter input, two 4-20 mA outputs, three...

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