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Applications • Drinking Water • Wastewater • Field Use • Industrial Water • Power Carry more water methods with you wherever you need them most. The DR 1900 combines the ruggedness and portability of a field instrument with over 220 of the most commonly tested water methods. Carry Anywhere Make Testing Easier The lightest, most compact portable spectrophotometer available easily goes where you need to go. Simple, easy-to-use interface plus the widest range of vial sizes makes testing flexible. Test What You Need Take Into Field Environments Analyze your water with more preprogrammed methods than any other portable spectrophotometer, or easily create your own methods to suit your unique needs. Rugged construction keeps the elements out, which means you can test in the most demanding conditions. Ensure Accuracy in the Field Wavelength range of 340 to 800 nm. provides accuracy typically seen only in laboratory instruments.

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Specifications* Operating Mode Transmittance (%), Absorbance and Concentration Preprogrammed Methods Source Lamp Xenon Flash User Programs Wavelength Range Wavelength Accuracy Sample Cell Compatibility Wavelength Selection 13 / 16 mm and 1 inch round adapter, 1 inch square and 10x10mm Wavelength Reproducibility Spectral bandwidth Photometric Measuring Range Photometric Accuracy Photometric Linearity Stray Light Graphical display 240 x 160 pixel (LCD, b/w, backlit) Data Logger 500 measured values (Result, Date, Time, Sample ID, User ID acc. to GLP) Operating Conditions 10 to 40 °C (50 - 104...

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Available Tests The following table lists available tests and overall ranges for the Hach DR 1900 Portable Spectrophotometer. The ranges may represent more than one available test for the instrument. Consult your Hach representative, Customer Service, the Hach Master Catalog, or the Hach web site at for complete details of all available tests for this instrument. Parameter Range Parameter Iron, Total Alkalinity, Total Menthol within Distillate Ammonia, Nitrogen Molybdenum, Molybdate Nickelbaths, acidous Nitrate, Nitrogen Nitrite, Nitrogen Nitrogen, Total Nitrogen, Total...

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Ordering Information DR 1900 Portable Spectrophotometer includes basic printed instrument manual, dust cover, 1-in. square glass sample cells, AA batteries and adapter set. DR1900-01H DR 1900 Portable Spectrophotometer 9624700 DR 1900 Portable Spectrophotometer with USB+Power Module Power Module Includes module, universal power supply, and manual USB+Power Module Includes module, universal power supply, standard USB cable, special USB cable adapter, and manual USB Module includes module, standard USB cable, special USB cable adapter, and manual Citizen PD-24 Printer Package DR/Check...

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