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Distribution Monitoring Solution Brochure - 6 Pages

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Distribution Monitoring Solution Brochure
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Catalog excerpts

Distribution Monitoring Solution Your responsibilities for delivering safe water stretch to the far reaches of your distribution system. Now you can see what's happening out there.

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Hach Distribution Monitoring Solution - detect Distribution Monitoring Panel with 128bit Encryption Security analog & digital SCADA System Data Collection Computer Why monitoring your distribution system is essential to delivering safe water You take great care to apply technically sophisticated treatment procedures and to meticulously monitor your treatment process and the quality of your finished water. However, few utilities have systems in place to monitor the distribution of the final product where it really counts - out there where the customer receives water. Continuous monitoring at vital...

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and respond to ensure safety Protecting the Quality of Water Delivered to Your Customers Detecting changes in water quality is important for two reasons: • First, to help identify the presence of unintentionally or intentionally introduced contaminants, which can be detected by significant deviations from a normal baseline. • Second, to meet distribution monitoring requirements in various federal and state EPA rules. On-line monitoring of the distribution system can help meet • Surface Water Treatment Rule by detecting disinfectant residual in • Disinfectants and Disinfection By-Products Rule...

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Indicator Test Hach Solution Distribution Monitoring Panel astroTOC UV On-line Analyzer normal baseline Collect discrete samples for further testing. First, set alarm points on the panel to indicate deviation from the established baseline. Use the panel to trigger the sampler to begin sampling protocol. Refrigerated Sampler Sigma 900 MAX Refrigerated Sampler Sigma 900 MAX Portable Sampler Complete with sampler interface panel for direct connection to the Water Distribution Monitoring Panel Refrigerated Sampler Refrigerated Sampler Portable Sampler Heavy Metals, PCB's (arsenic, mercury, lead, chromium,...

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Hach Distribution Monitoring Solution There's a lot of territory between your treatment plant and the end of your distribution system. In between here and there you might feel your resources are stretched a little thin. How can you be sure that the water quality you work so hard to achieve at the plant is being maintained throughout your water distribution system? See what's happening out there Finally, you can see what's happening, where it's happening, and have solid data to help The Hach Water Distribution Monitoring Panel is a fully integrated, continuous surveillance panel with analog and digital...

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Call 800.227.4224, or visit, to schedule a product demonstration, for easy ordering and technical training class schedule. (Please review specific testing procedures for a listing of all equipment, reagents, and apparatus required for each test.) Water Distribution Monitoring Panel 59800-00 Panel includes: CL17 Chlorine Analyzer, 1720D Low Range Turbidimeter, P53 GLI On-line pH Monitor, C53 GLI On-line Conductivity Monitor, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors, with a single sample inlet and drain. 59810-00 Panel configured as above mounted, in NEMA 12 enclosure. Total Organic...

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