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ANATEL PAT700 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer - 6 Pages

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ANATEL PAT700 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
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Catalog excerpts

“The ANATEL PAT700 Analyzer is specifically designed for On-line Release of USP Water.” Anatel PAT700 Total Organic Carbon Analyzers Science and Risk-based On-line TOC Analyzer

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The ANATEL PAT700 fully compliant real time release TOC Analyzer The PAT700 TOC analyzer fully complies with all global pharmacopeias (USP, EP, JP) requirements. The ANATEL PAT700 fully oxidizes each sample guaranteeing the most accurate TOC result that follow EP2.2.44 guidelines. Production uptime is assured with the ANATEL PAT700 main and standby dual UV lamp design, making the PAT700 the ideal choice for on-line TOC release. Implement the FDA PAT initiative for on-line release for TOC and Conductivity eliminating timeconsuming and costly laboratory analyses. The ANATEL PAT700 is designed to...

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Maximize production uptime with the ANATEL PAT700 Reduce the risk of product recall and speed up water loop troubleshooting when an excursion alarm occurs The ANATEL PAT700 internally captures two samples and then re-analyzes the first sample to validate the excursion alarm and saves the second sample for further root-cause analysis. Simplified system suitability with guaranteed calibration results and minimal operator time Simple on-screen instructions and RFID technology ensures that valid standards are correctly loaded and all information uploaded to the analyzer. Automated routines allow the...

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The ANATEL PAT700 brings your production vessel on-line faster with Clean-in-Place solutions Confirm production vessels are clean and ready to go on-line faster with automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) analysis The ANATEL PAT700 clean-in-place analysis maximizes production uptime by providing immediate on-line results for both TOC and conductivity. The PAT700 provides instant on-line verification that your production vessel is ready for production changeover.

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Simple precise TOC laboratory analysis without chemicals reagents and gasses Save hours and expand laboratory throughput with the ANATEL PAT700 36 bottle auto-sampler Using the ASX-7200 autosampler allows laboratory users to set up 36 bottles for TOC analysis and walk away. Using the PAT700 there is no requirement for costly reagents or carrier gases. Maximize laboratory throughput with the ANATEL PAT700 TOC analyzer Use the ANATEL PAT700 to grab sample or perform on-line TOC analysis Save time and money – the ANATEL PAT700 can be installed online and run up to 4 grab samples offline.

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Specifications for ANATEL PAT 700 TOC Operating Range 0.5 to 2,000 ppb as Carbon Display Resolution 0.1 ppb Accuracy ±1 ppb or ±5%, whichever is greater Repeatability ±0.3 ppb or ±1%, whichever is greater Limit of Detection 0.5 ppb Maximum Input Conductivity 0.2 μS/cm for all waters, 1.0 μS/cm for all neutral waters, 5.0 μS/cm for water with CO2 as the sole conductive species Conductivity Conductivity Range 0.05 to 150 μS/cm (@ 25°C) Display Resolution 0.01 μS/cm Conductivity Accuracy ±2% over full range (uncompensated) Resistivity Resistivity Range 0.2 to 18 MΩ-cm (@ 25°C) Display Resolution...

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