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2100 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters - 4 Pages

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2100 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters

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DATA SHEET Turbidimetry 2100 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters Features and Benefits Four Models for Specific Requirements • 2100N and 2100N IS Turbidimeters—With Hach’s patented* optical system and 40 years of design evolution, the 2100N and 2100N IS Turbidimeters meet the needs of most laboratories for fast, accurate turbidity testing over a wide range of samples. The 2100N is equipped with a tungsten lamp, while the 2100N IS is equipped with an 860 nm LED light source. Hach 2100 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters are engineered to provide superior accuracy and sensitivity in any application. Since Hach introduced the first laboratory turbidimeter for testing drinking water more than 40 years ago, the system has evolved to include advances in optics, digital signal processing, and software. DW • 2100AN and 2100AN IS Turbidimeters—In addition to providing all the capabilities of the above models, the 2100AN and 2100AN IS Turbidimeters are ideal for testing colored samples and higher ranges of turbidity. Many features, such as signal averaging and recorder outputs, are programmable in the 2100AN and 2100AN IS models. Enhanced features include interchangeable color filters and user-defined, Application-Specific Calibration (ASC). * U.S. Patents 4198161, 0363676, and 5604590 Ratio Measurement One keystroke initiates Ratio Measurement (not available for all models) and activates an array of detectors in addition to the 90-degree nephelometric detector. Ratio Measurement corrects for color interference, enhances calibration stability, and allows the measurement of turbidity at levels greater than 1,000 NTU. Regulatory Reporting The 2100N and 2100AN Turbidimeters are equipped with a stable halogen-filled, tungsten filament lamp to meet the reporting requirements of EPA Method 180.1. The 2100N IS and 2100AN IS Turbidimeters are equipped with an 860 nm LED light source to meet ISO 7027 Turbidity Measurement Standards. Air Purge Prevents Condensation in Sample Chamber Measure cold and hot samples. A built-in connection is provided to purge the sample compartment with dry air to prevent light scattering caused by condensation. WW Smart Self-Diagnostics Relax. The instrument will alert you if you make a mistake— such as inserting the wrong calibration standard. StablCal® Stabilized Formazin Standards Hach’s patented* StablCal Stabilized Formazin is true nontoxic Formazin, not a synthetic. It scatters light exactly like a freshly diluted, conventional formazin standard. But StablCal is delivered at precisely the required concentration. It requires no preparation and its stability is guaranteed for a minimum of one year. Only StablCal and Hach-prepared Formazin guarantee the reproducibility necessary for optimal turbidimeter performance. Unlike conventional Formazin, StablCal is available in ready-prepared sets of sealed sample vials, customized for full-range calibration of all 2100 Series turbidimeters. These standards are also available in bottles. *US Patent 5,777,011 Laboratory Accessories A complete selection of accessories is available to speed up routine testing and improve accuracy. • Flow cell kit—Convert the testing process into a nearly continuous operation. • Sample conditioning accessories and special filter modules—Eliminate error caused by entrained gases and color interference. DW = drinking water WW = wastewater municipal PW = pure water / power IW = industrial water E = environmental C = collections FB = food and beverage PW IW E FB

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'Specifications subject to change without notice.

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3 Engineering Specifications 1. The turbidimeter shall be a laboratory nephelometer with a primary detector centered at 90° from the incident light beam. 2. Forward scatter and transmitted detectors also shall be present to extend the measurement range, compensate for component aging, increase calibration stability, and compensate for interferences due to sample color (not applicable to 2100N IS model). 3. Ratio and non-ratio turbidity measurements shall be selectable using a single key located on the front panel (not applicable to 2100N IS model). 4. The light source shall be a tungsten...

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At Hach, it's about learning providing the right answers. It's more than ensuring the quality of water—it's about ensuring the quality of life. When it comes to the things that touch our lives... Ordering Information Hach 2100 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters All turbidimeters are supplied with six sample cells, a complete set of StablCal Primary Calibration Standards in sealed vials, silicone oil and oiling cloth, dust cover, manuals, and a power cord. Model 2100AN also includes a 455 nm filter for Pt-Co color measurement. Models 2100AN and 2100AN IS also include printer paper. with North...

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