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Catalogue excerpts

H+H Thin-Joint System A Modern Method of Construction Build with ease

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H+H Aircrete and Thin-Joint System Thin-Joint Product Range Structural Design Acoustic Design Thermal Design Fire Resistance Design Building with Thin-Joint Aircrete /aerkri:t/ noun., adj. 1. autoclaved, aerated concrete (AAC) 2. (cel)lular (con) crete (CELCON). One of the lightest forms of concrete with structural, thermal, sound, fire and freeze/thaw properties, extensively used in Europe where known as ‘gasbeton’. Used in the UK since the 1950s; today known as ‘aircrete’. Comprises pulverised fuel ash (PFA), sand, cement, aluminium powder, lime and water. Used as blocks in a range of thicknesses...

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H+H aircrete is used extensively in all types of construction including houses, apartments, commercial properties, multi-storey concrete, steel framed buildings and schools. Aircrete’s unique characteristics make it ideal for the construction of cavity external walls as well as internal separating walls, partitions and foundations. With its combination of strength, resistance to moisture ingress and thermal insulation, it may also be used for external leaves and solid wall construction. H+H aircrete combines superb thermal and sound insulation qualities, with impressive load bearing capabilities....

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For over 60 years H+H has been manufacturing aircrete using pulverised fuel ash (PFA) and has gained recognition from WRAP as a ‘recycled’ product. PFA accounts for up to 80% of the material used in the manufacture of H+H aircrete and is a by-product of coal-fired power stations, which would otherwise be sent for landfill

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H+H Aircrete – sustainable in manufacture, sustainable in use H+H also uses raw materials of which 99% are sourced from the UK. Production plants are located strategically around the UK for ease of manufacture and transport. Waste aircrete from the process is recycled as an aggregate to avoid land fill. The manufacturing process uses recycled energy to heat the factories and an advanced water management system capturing rainwater and recycling process water. Due to its lightweight cellular construction, the C02 emissions created from transportation are reduced when compared to other commonly used...

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H+H Thin-Joint Aircrete System H+H Thin-Joint System Thin-Joint construction combines the use of large format, accurately dimensioned aircrete blocks and quick setting mortar to create a highly productive and cost-effective building system. The system promotes the use of much larger blocks with 2mm joints, rather than the traditional 10mm joints and can be used for solid or cavity walls in all types of buildings, be it houses, apartments, commercial buildings, schools or offices. Celfix Mortar Designed to replace traditional sand:cement mortar, the key to the H+H Thin-Joint System is Celfix Mortar...

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The Benefits of Thin-Joint The Thin-Joint System, recognised as a modern method of construction (MMC), is an established build system in the UK construction industry which responds directly to Government initiatives for speeding up the supply of housing, whilst improving the quality of build and reducing its environmental impact. It allows construction times equivalent to an off site manufactured solution without the restrictive long lead-in times. The system retains the flexibility of design that a traditional build enjoys, allowing adaptations on site for any issues that may have been overlooked...

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Product range The H+H Thin-Joint Product Range Celcon Plus Blocks Jumbo Bloks Multi Plates Celcon Plus Blocks are produced in various thicknesses. They are suitable for the construction of solid and cavity wall types and manufactured in Solar, Standard, High Strength and Super Strength Grades. Jumbo Blok is produced in 100mm thicknesses and above. They are suitable for the construction of cavity and partition walls. These blocks are manufactured in Solar, Standard, High Strength and Super Strength Grades. H+H Multi Plates are a new generation of aircrete products that build on the efficiency of...

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H+H’s Thin-Joint range of aircrete products is made up from Celcon Plus Blocks, Jumbo Bloks and Multi Plates; manufactured in the UK using the latest manufacturing technology. With a plain face and exceptional dimensional tolerances, they are specially made for use with Celfix Mortar. With larger face formats, these aircrete blocks can significantly increase the speed of construction and improve thermal performance, by reducing cold bridging through the mortar and significantly reducing the quantity of mortar required. Standard Grade H+H aircrete H+H Standard Grade is extremely versatile and can...

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Applications + Design Specification Where to use Thin-Joint The range of H+H large format blocks provides the designer with a wide choice of solutions for all applications. The closed cell structure of H+H aircrete is the key to the material’s high thermal and acoustic performance as well as its resistance to water penetration. Below DPC H+H Celfix mortar can be used below DPC in ground sulfate conditions up to DS2. However, it is more common for below DPC blockwork to be built in traditional mortar, in which case H+H aircrete can be used in conditions up to and including DS4. External Solid Walls...

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Structural Design Walls constructed using the H+H Thin-Joint System can be designed in accordance with BS5628: Part 1 which states that when determining the characteristic compressive (fk) and flexural (fkx) strengths for walls built using thin layer mortars, values given for mortar class M12 (designation (i)) should be used. In addition, the larger face format of our Jumbo Bloks (250mm high) and Multi Plates (350mm high) can further improve the fk value of a wall (see Table below). As an example, a 140mm thick wall designed with 10.4N/mm² concrete blocks in traditional designation (iii) mortar...

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Design Specification Acoustic Design Sound insulation of any masonry construction depends to a large extent on the density and porosity of the material used. However, the structure of aircrete consisting of a vast number of non-interconnecting air cells gives it a high resistance to airborne sound relative to its density. Therefore the normally accepted mass law relationship is considerably improved. H+H products can easily achieve the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations for separating (party) and internal walls as well as for flanking elements. Separating Walls Compliance can be...

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