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Catalogue excerpts

Building Types Thin-Joint System Product Marking and Haulage Details Aircrete /aerkri:t/ noun., adj. 1. autoclaved, aerated concrete (AAC) 2. (cel)lular (con) crete (CELCON). One of the lightest forms of concrete with structural, thermal, sound, fire and freeze/thaw properties, extensively used in Europe where known as ‘gasbeton’. Used in the UK since the 1950s; today known as ‘aircrete’. Comprises pulverised fuel ash (PFA), sand, cement, aluminium powder, lime and water. Used as blocks in a range of thicknesses and face formats for internal and external walls above and below dpc and as infill...

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At H+H we believe in the future of aircrete, which is why we manufacture and sell only aircrete products. With our commitment to research and development, we have helped transform this unique and versatile product into the modern building systems we have today. With their thermal, acoustic and load bearing capabilities, H+H products offer simple solutions to the latest Building Regulations. In addition to being lightweight they also have the benefits of high resistance to fire, sulfate attack, frost and water penetration. Since setting up our first research and development laboratory in 1969,...

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Building Types Section title Section subhead The complete building material Solid Foundations 02 Beam and Block floors 03 Solid Wall Construction 04 Separating and Flanking Walls 05 Partition Walls 06 External Cavity Walls 01

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You can use H+H aircrete throughout the house from foundations to roof. H+H aircrete is designed to meet our own exacting quality standards as well as providing constructions to meet requirements of Building Regulations for internal partition walls, solid walls, cavity walls, separating walls, cavity and solid foundations and suspended floors. For fast and easy building (H+H’s Thin-Joint aircrete offers even faster construction times), excellent acoustic and thermal resistance and a tough, durable, lightweight design, you’ll find H+H aircrete is the answer

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Building Types The complete building material Commercial, Public and Industrial Solid Foundations 02 Partition Walls 03 External Walls (solid or cavity) 04 Fire Walls 05 Infill to steel and concrete frame 01

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H+H products can be used to build many types of industrial and commercial buildings including; schools, offices, factories, warehouses and hospitals. H+H aircrete can be used for many applications including foundations, partition walls, external walls (both solid and cavity) and as infill to steel and concrete framed buildings. A variety of finishes – brick, render, metal cladding etc, may be employed.

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Build with confidence The ultimate masonry product The unique manufacturing process of H+H aircrete produces a micro cellular structure that sets the material apart from other types of masonry and offers the following characteristics:

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houses and low-rise flats ■ Supports up to 4 storeys without ■ Block strength from 2.9N/mm2 Excellent Thermal Insulation additional insulation ■ Offers enhanced thermal insulation when used in walls, foundations and beam and block floors reducing the amount of insulation required satisfying Part L of the Building Thermal Mass ■ Helps to create a comfortable living environment ■ Provides an even temperature range in winter or summer ■ Can be used to achieve excellent Excellent Sound Insulation ■ Achieves 40dB sound insulation for internal partition walls ■ Comfortably satisfies Part E of Pre-Completion...

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Thin-Joint Systems & Product Range Thin-Joint System H+H aircrete products can be bonded using either traditional mortar or by using Celfix mortar, provided by H+H, ideally suited to the Thin-Joint System. Fast setting mortar No mortar ‘swimming’ allowing continuous laying Ease of mixing and laying mortar Dimensionally highly accurate blocks First fix trades can be brought forward Larger block formats used The H+H Thin-Joint System combines the range of high quality accurately dimensioned aircrete Jumbo Bloks, Multi Plates and other formats, with Celfix, a specially developed thin layer mortar....

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H+H Product Range Grade and Finish Identification Solar Grade* (blue) Standard Grade* (none) High Strength Grade* (black) Super Strength Grade* (red) Celcon Foundation Block 325 x 215mm Scratch Marked Celcon Block 440 x 215mm and foundation Blocks (all sizes) Scratch Marks not full height, on face only Plain Face Celcon Block 440 x 215mm Celcon Block Coursing Unit 215 x 65mm Plain Face Celcon Plus Block 630 x 215mm Plain Face Jumbo Bloks 630 x 250mm Plain Face Multi Plates 630 x 350mm * Whilst the colour reference for Solar Grade, High Strength and Super Strength Grades remain consistent, the...

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Products Solar Grade + Standard Grade Make the right choice A simple guide Solar Grade (blue) Standard Grade (none) High Strength Grade (black) Super Strength Grade (red)

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Solar Grade Solar Grade is principally used where enhanced thermal performance is required. With a superior thermal conductivity Solar Grade blocks are suitable for two storey buildings and can be used below DPC. Solar Grade is available in thicknesses from 100mm to 215mm, and are third party accredited under BBA and certified for use in the applications listed. Applications Internal and external leaf of cavity walls Solar Grade Solid walls Partitions Flanking walls Below DPC Note: Plain Faced Solar Grade aircrete is identified with a blue line on the end of the block. Whilst the colour remains...

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Products High Strength + Super Strength + Foundation Blocks High Strength Grade and Super Strength Grade High Strength Grade Super Strength Grade High Strength Grade and Super Strength Grade are used principally where higher compressive strengths are required such as in the foundations and lower storeys of three and four storey buildings, piers under high vertical loads and in multi-storey buildings. Higher Strength grades are available in compressive strengths of 7.3N/mm2 and 8.7N/mm2 and in thicknesses from 100mm to 355mm. They are third party accredited under BBA and certified for use in the...

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