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Catalogue excerpts

The Excellence of Celcon Aircrete the all round commercial and industrial building product build with ease

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“Celcon blocks are the complete building material for industrial and commercial buildings. Used in partition and external walls (both solid and cavity), fire walls and as infill to steel and concrete framed buildings they provide durability, fire resistance, as well as superb thermal and sound insulation - all backed by first class customer service and dedicated technical support. The speed of build and waste reduction that can be achieved using our Thin-Joint system (an MMC) means that we can help you meet the stringent requirements of commercial build schedules. Add to this our exceptional sustainability...

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The answer is H+H UK Now what’s the question? Looking for a solution that’s tough enough to resist fire, frost, water and sulfate? Want something lightweight and loadbearing for a super-fast build? Must it be versatile and adaptable to suit an innovative, eco-friendly design? How about using the same material for a wide range of buildings and applications? When choosing your building materials, take the question mark out of the equation: the answer is Celcon aircrete. And do you demand a dedicated personal service, comprehensive technical support, free UK delivery and all-round excellence in quality,...

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The Excellence of Celcon Aircrete The Celcon advantage There’s no end of advantages when it comes to choosing H+H UK products. We build excellence into everything we make, so that it’s as good as it possibly can be. Just look at the advantages of H+H UK products and you’ll find there’s every reason to buy them. CE marked, meeting the latest European Standards Made to accurate dimensions Employs the latest technology (eg. Thin-Layer mortars) 7 Excellent thermal insulation 8 Reduces the amount of additional insulation Offers enhanced thermal insulation when used in walls, foundations and beam and...

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16 Excellent sound insulation 17 Achieves superb sound insulation for internal partition walls (100mm standard block, 40 db unfinished) 21 Fire resistant (100mm walls up to 4 hours, 2 hours if loadbearing) 18 Comfortably satisfies Part E of the Building Regulations by Pre-Completion Testing 22 Class 0 surface spread of flame 19 Useable in factories, schools, health care buildings and hotels 23 Non-combustible to class A1 (the highest class) 24 Fast to build with 25 Great productivity benefits from all Celcon products 26 Very fast wall construction using Thin-Joint 27 Even faster using Jumbo Plus...

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The Excellence of Celcon Aircrete

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The Celcon advantage 34 User-friendly 36 Can hold fixings for heavy loads 37 Easy to work using simple hand tools 51 Build up to 4 storeys without a structural frame 52 Block strength from 2.9N/mm2 to 8.7N/mm2 39 Easy to achieve airtight construction 40 Shrink wrapped for protection and cleanliness 41 Delivered on pallets for easy movement and storage 53 Robust and Durable 54 Resists sulfate attack in foundations 43 Easily meets CDM requirements for manual handling 44 Easy to transport 45 Less than half the weight of the equivalent aggregate block 56 Frost-resistant 57 Does not rot or decay 58...

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The Excellence of Celcon Aircrete The complete Building Material – Industrial and Commercial H+H UK’s products can be used to build many types of industrial and commercial buildings including; schools, offices, factories, warehouses and health care buildings. Celcon aircrete is produced to meet our own exacting quality standards as well as contributing to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. It can be used for many applications including foundations, partition walls, external walls (both solid and cavity) and as infill to steel and concrete framed buildings. A variety of finishes...

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External walls (solid or cavity) ■ Very fast to install ■ Improves thermal insulation ■ Impressive load bearing Manual Handling ■ Block construction offers a secure Fire walls ■ Fire resistant (100mm walls, up to 4 hours, 2 hours if loadbearing) ■ Class 0 surface spread of flame Infill to steel or concrete frame ■ Reduces the spread of fire as the ■ Very quick to build ■ Improves thermal insulation ■ Offers secure reliable fixings ■ May reduce the building weight with consequent savings on foundations

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The Excellence of Celcon Aircrete Celcon Solar Celcon Solar grade is principally used where enhanced thermal performance is required. With a superior thermal conductivity Solar blocks are suitable for two storey buildings and can be used below DPC. Celcon’s Solar range is available in thicknesses from 100mm to 300mm, and are third party accredited under BBA certified for use in the applications listed. Applications Internal and external leaf of cavity walls Solid walls Partitions Flanking walls Strength Solar Celcon Standard Celcon Standard grade is extremely versatile and can be used below DPC...

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Celcon Foundation Blocks BBA certificate 01/3816 confirms that all Celcon blocks are suitable for use in soil conditions from DS1 to DS4. Celcon Foundation blocks are commonly used in a range of thicknesses for use below DPC level. Offering excellent thermal performance, they are suitable for the support of cavity or solid walls, framed construction or suspended floors, including beam and block floors. Applications Foundations Celcon Solar blocks can also be used below DPC. With exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw conditions likely to occur below DPC level All Celcon Foundation Blocks may also...

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The Excellence of Celcon Aircrete Jehu Project Services, Bridgend The Project: Construction of a new headquarters building comprising 1,300m2 of office space in a block four storeys high, with rib deck concrete floors and access flooring. took the brickwork off the critical path and enabled work to start inside while the outer skin was still going up. Architect & Contractor Jehu Project Services (design & build) Celcon blocks with the Thin-Joint system were used at ground, first and second floor level to infill the steel frame and achieve the required U-value. This was the first time the contractor...

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