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Catalogue excerpts

Multi Plates October 2008 build with ease

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Multi Plates – the complete package H+H Multi Plates are a new generation of aircrete products that build on the efficiency of thin layer construction. At almost 2 1/2 times the size of a traditional (440 x 215mm) block, Multi Plates and the thin joint system deliver significant savings in site productivity. Developed to enhance the key benefits of using the H+H thin joint system; speed and quality of build with reduced waste, H+H Multi Plates deliver a reduced project cost, whilst still offering all the attributes of aircrete as a building material. H+H Multi Plates are sold as a package which...

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A quick, quality and safe build H+H Multi Plates are made to extremely tight manufacturing dimensional tolerances, and are supplied specifically for use with a 2mm joint of Celfix, our thin layer mortar. Little or no levelling is required as the Multi Plates are laid; a quick and quality build is ensured. Where used on site they have offered significant savings in both time to build and also site wastage. Savings in raw materials have been achieved as well as a reduction in waste removal costs. Designed as a manually handled product Multi Plates meet the CONIAC limit (20kg or below) to ensure...

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H+H UK aircrete products offer a complete building material that meets the requirements of the Building Regulations, with the flexibility to offer solutions for hospitals, schools, offices, industrial warehouses and Housing (social and private). Used in partition, separating and external walls (solid or cavity), fire walls and as an infill to steel or concrete framed buildings, they provide durability and fire resistance as well as superb thermal and sound insulation. All of our products are backed by first class customer service, from the point of initial contact through to the point of delivery...

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Technical Information H+H Multi Plates are sold as part of a package which includes all the materials required to build structural walls. The Multi Plate packages are priced either on supply and build basis (quoted including labour, using one of our nationwide network of recommended contractors) or on a supply only basis (quoted as a materials only price). Multi Plates Technical Data Standard Average Block weight delivered (kg) Average Block weight equilibrium* (kg) Note: other grades of product (2.9N/mm2 and 8.7N/mm2) are available to special order please enquire. * Calculated at 3% moisture...

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For large projects, benefit is usually gained from arranging a visit from a member of our technical sales team, to discuss the specific project and any enhanced solutions that may be required. Please call 01732 886 444 to arrange an appointment. For smaller projects please send us an electronic or hard copy of the dimensioned plan, section and elevation drawings with the required technical specifications that the building is intended to meet, along with your company and contact details. From these drawings and specification our in-house team can provide an estimate, email Our...

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For further information regarding H+H UK aircrete products please visit our website or contact: Enquiries For all enquiries please contact: Tel: 01732 886444 Fax: 01732 887013 Email: Head Office H+H UK Limited Celcon House Ightham Sevenoaks Kent TN15 9HZ Telephone 01732 886333 Please recycle this brochure at the end of use.

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