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H+H Product Datasheet Jumbo Bloks and Multi Plates Page 1 of 2 High Strength 7.3N/mm2 Super Strength* 8.7N/mm2 * Super Strength is equivalent to a category II block with a strength of 10.4N/mm Jumbo Bloks and Multi Plates Jumbo Blok Plain faced 610mm x 270mm (270mm course height) H+H Jumbo Bloks and our Thin-Joint system offer beneficial productivity, with as little as 6 blocks completing 1m2 of walling, their use with thin layer construction enhances the speed of build on site. H+H Multi Plates are a new generation of aircrete products that build on the efficiency of thin layer construction. At almost 2½ times the size of a traditional (440 x 215mm) block, Multi Plates and the Thin-Joint system deliver significant savings in site productivity. build with ease Applications nternal and external leaf I of cavity walls olid walls S eparating walls (not Solar) S lanking Walls F artitions P ulti storey buildings M Multi Plate Plain faced 610mm x 375mm (375mm course height)

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H+H Product Datasheet Jumbo Bloks and Multi Plates Page 2 of 2 Face size Solar Block Weight (kg)†† Solar Pack Weight (kg)** Standard Block Weight at 3% (kg)† Standard Block Weight (kg) High Strength Block Weight at 3% (kg) 12.7 High Strength Block Weight (kg)†† High Strength Pack Weigh (kg)** Super Strength Block Weight at 3% (kg)† 12.7 Super Strength Pack Weigh (kg)** †† Blocks weights at typical moisture content when laid. (Some manufacturers may quote weights which have not allowed for this.) Super Strength Block Weight (kg) † Block weights calculated at 3% moisture content by weight. Solar...

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