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Celcon Plus Blocks Datasheet Oct 12 Web - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

H+H Product Datasheet Celcon Plus Blocks Page 1 of 2 High Strength 7.3N/mm2 Super Strength* 8.7N/mm2 * Super Strength is equivalent to a category II block with a strength of 10.4N/mm Celcon Plus Blocks Celcon Plus Block Plain faced 610mm x 215mm Celcon Plus Blocks are an alternative to the 440 x 215mm face format block and are suitable for the same applications. This range is produced using the latest manufacturing technology which rank them amongst the most dimensionally accurate blocks available. Celcon Plus Blocks are available in Solar Grade 2.9N/mm2, Standard Grade 3.6N/mm2, High Strength Grade 7.3N/mm2 and Super Strength Grade 8.7N/mm2 build with ease Applications nternal and external leaf I of cavity walls olid walls S eparating walls (not Solar) S lanking Walls F artitions P ulti storey buildings M oundations F

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H+H Product Datasheet Celcon Plus Blocks Page 2 of 2 Face size Celcon Plus Blocks 610mm x 215mm Solar Block Weight at 3% (kg)† Solar Block Weight (kg)†† Solar Block Weight (kg)* at 300/pack Standard Block Weight at 3% (kg) Standard Block Weight (kg) Standard Block Weight (kg)* at 300/pack High Strength Block Weight at 3% (kg)† High Strength Block Weight (kg)†† High Strength Block Weight (kg) at 300/pack Super Strength Block Weight at 3% (kg) Super Strength Block Weight (kg) Super Strength Block Weight (kg) at 300/pack Solar Standard High Strength †† Blocks weights at typical moisture content when...

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