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H+H Product Datasheet Celcon Blocks – Floorblock Page 1 of 2 Standard Grade Celcon Blocks – Flooring Celcon Block Plain Face - 440mm x 215mm Beam and block floors are constructed using Celcon Blocks. Ideal infill for domestic beam and block flooring systems. With their inherent thermal properties, these blocks provide a significant contribution to energy conservation. build with ease Applications looring F Celcon Block 440 x 215mm Standard Grade is ideal as an infill block. All Celcon Blocks are covered by a BBA certificate for use as infill in beam and block floors. Temporary (construction) loading should not exceed the floor design load, with adequate spreaders used where necessary to ensure protection from damage and load spreading.

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H+H Product Datasheet Celcon Blocks – Floorblock Page 2 of 2 Face size * Pack weight excludes pallet. † Block weights calculated at 3% moisture content by weight. †† Blocks weights at typical moisture content when laid. (Some manufacturers may quote weights which have not allowed for this.) Standard Block Thermal Conductivity Pack Information Number of blocks per pack 21.0 Bold figures indicate that the product is above single person repetitive manual handling limits. shaded areas indicate that All the product is a stock item at all factories, other sizes can be made to order subject to minimum...

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