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Catalogue excerpts

Collections 2014 Brick, Leather & Corner

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Contents Introduction Brick Collection Six Corner Collection Sixteen Leather Collection Twenty Four Materials Thirty Six Specifications Thirty Seven Contacts Forty One Collections 2014 Brick, Leather & Corner

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H is a new furniture company that conceives and creates meaningful pieces for discerning clients. London based, but with Mexican origins and a global outlook, we embrace contrasts and celebrate differences, bringing together beautifully crafted collections that get better with time and make people’s lives richer. H believes in progress with purpose. We explore new possibilities and methods; consider history to forge a better future; and create compelling juxtapositions. Everything we do, we do with love and care. The details drive us — from design and materials sourcing, to manufacturing and finishing....

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H doesn’t just intend to build a business, but to establish a culture. An open culture that fosters inventiveness and collaboration and is built on mutual respect and trust. We’re curators and editors, relying on a network of specialists to help us realize our ideas, so faith in our partners is critical. We invest in relationships as well as craftsmanship, making sure that everyone we work with feels valued and a real part of what we’re doing. But more than anything, H wants to elevate the everyday, to bring interest and imagination into people’s lives, to create original furniture that makes...

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Brick Collection Table Bench Sideboard Seven

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This intriguing collection celebrates a humble, universal building medium, juxtaposing it with beautifully crafted wood. Brick is a surprising material for furniture, usually reserved for exterior structures, so it speaks of buildings and architecture, of solidity and uniformity. The interplay of contrasts is a recurring theme for H, a means to create classic yet edgy furniture. With a 28mm thickness top of up to 3 metres in length, the asymmetric Brick table employs cutting-edge wood technology, and can be fully dismantled for transport. The Brick bench features soft leather cushioning, while...

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Wood: solid oak natural oil; Bricks: Celina smooth red

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Wood: solid oak natural oil; Bricks: Celina smooth red; Upholstery: deep red leather (premium) Below right: bench seat without optional cushion

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Wood: solid oak natural oil; Bricks: Celina smooth red

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Corner Collection Table Sideboard Seventeen

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The Corner Collection plays with classic geometry, taking the perfect 45° angle as its conceptual starting point. Here, the corner edges of a deceptively simple, painted table top and painted rectangular sideboard are carefully cut away at 45° to reveal naked wood and create contrast and visual interest. Continuing the mathematical motif, the table’s legs and the side of the tabletop are inclined at precisely 22.5°. Both table and sideboard are available in eleven different colours, with the exposed parts finished in oiled wood. There’s a practical element too, as the collection dispenses with...

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Wood: solid oak natural oil, solid oak stained in deep blue

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Wood: solid oak natural oil, solid oak stained in yellow Twenty Three

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Leather Collection Chair Stools Twenty Five

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The defining piece in the Leather Collection is a hybrid dining chair and comfy lounge chair. Constructed from solid wood and dark black leather, the piece takes its inspiration from mid-century Scandinavian design. Repeated strips of leather on the sides and vertical wooden uprights on the back of the backrest create a sense of visual rhythm and musicality, while the proportions and profile remain reassuringly classic. The leather seats and backrest are buttoned and well padded, as comfort is a priority. The collection also features a triple stool, which is a new typology — neither a bench nor...

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Wood: solid oak natural oil; Upholstery: black leather (standard) Twenty Eight

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Wood: solid oak natural oil; Upholstery: black leather (standard)

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High Stool Wood: solid walnut with sapwood; Upholstery: black leather (standard) Thirty Three

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Wood: solid walnut with sapwood; Upholstery: black leather (standard) Triple Stool Thirty Four Thirty Five

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Solid Wood *Not available for Leather Collection Natural Oak White Chalk Slate Cocoa* Natural with Oil Natural Oil White* Grey* Oil Sapwood White Pale Medium Deep Deep Pale Deep Black Brown Brown Brown Red Grey Grey Brick, Leather & Corner

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Brick Table Dimensions L: 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300cm; W: 100/110cm; H: 74/75cm Technical Description Table in solid wood and bricks. Table top in solid wood, and base in solid wood with glued bricks on one side. Table top thickness: 28mm Leg thickness: 35mm Wood selection: oak natural oil, knotty oak natural oil, oak white oil, oak chalk white, oak slate grey, oak cocoa, ash natural oil, walnut with sapwood. Corner Table Bricks available in eight different colour and surface types from Celina: smooth yellow, rough yellow, rough orange, smooth red, rough red, rough brown 1, rough...

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Leather Stool Dimensions H: 45cm; W: 60cm; D: 42cm Technical Description Stool with frame in solid wood, and seat and backrest fully upholstered (PU foam) in a choice of either premium or standard leather. Solid wood frame in the following options: oak natural oil; oak white oil; ash natural oil; walnut with sapwood. Email Visit Premium leather types: white; pale brown; medium brown; deep brown; deep red; pale grey; deep grey; black. Premium leather has leather straps in the same leather as the upholstery using a special sandwich technique. Notes Stackable...

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