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Catalog excerpts

For round and angular reinforced concrete columns Thermal insulation Sound insulation

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OUR CONVICTION: FORWARD CONSTRUCTING. Not just to reflect the current state of building technology, but always to be a decisive step ahead – this is our promise. This is why we constantly achieve pioneering work in all product areas. Our employees consistently use their extensive practical experience and creativity to benefit our customers. Through regular collaborative dialogue with our target groups, we develop today the products which are needed tomorrow. With our dynamics we set consistently milestones in building technology – yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is what we mean by Forward...

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For perfect concrete surfaces For very smooth concrete surfaces For smooth concrete surfaces with barely visible spiral markings 18  RAPIDOBAT® Rectangular, hexagon and octagon 22  RAPIDOBAT® Custom shapes 24  RAPIDOBAT® Capitals and bases For square reinforcedconcrete columns For angular reinforcedconcrete columns For creative reinforcedconcrete columns For enhancing the aesthetic appeal of reinforcedconcrete columns The brand formwork tubes For secure retention when constructing columns We are malways there for you. We will be wherever you are.

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THE BRAND FORMWORK TUBES APPLICATION AREAS RAPIDOBAT® by H-BAU Technik is a disposable formwork system for casting round and alternative shaped concrete columns. The casing tubes consist of multilaminated paper layers, which are extremely robust. In addition, the formwork tubes can be specially treated depending on the demands on the exposed concrete and the architect’s requirements. A number of designs are available. ▪▪ Tried and trusted manufacturer of highest quality column formwork for more than 20 years ▪▪ Integrated ripcord for easy stripping ▪▪ Recyclable material ▪▪ Keeps its shape even...

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APPLICATION NOTES SECURING THE RAPIDOBAT® FORMWORK TUBES LOWER SUPPORTS Up to a formwork tube length of 5.00 m the formwork tube can be secured using a single guy plane. Additional guy planes must be used for formwork tube lengths greater than 5.00 m. If heavy tension-compression props are used for guying, we recommend installing additional, short pieces of formwork tube beneath the RAPIDO-Clamp elements. This prevents pressure points on the formwork tube and the concrete column. The lower RAPIDOBAT® formwork tube support can be easily provided by a wooden annulus (may be cut using a template),...

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▪▪ RAPIDOBAT® formwork tubes must be stored upright and kept dry until used ▪▪ They must be protected from atmospheric and soil humidity, as well as heat ▪▪ Cover the top of Cretcon HD with film until concreting ▪▪ When choosing column reinforcement, make sure that the external diameter of the reinforcement cage is not too large ▪▪ To install the reinforcement cage in the RAPIDOBAT® formwork, there must be sufficient space between the reinforcement and the tube so as not to damage the inner surface ▪▪ Spacers must not have sharp edges. We recommend that you use plenty of triangular surface spacers...

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▪▪ Re-compact the top poured layer before hydration begins ▪▪ After re-compaction, apply a water film to the column head ▪▪ See the DBV bulletin "Exposed concrete" ▪▪ The ripcord integrated in the formwork tube works like a zip ▪▪ Use a knife to cut the cover liner near the ripcord ▪▪ Wrap the ripcord around a hammer handle, for example, and pull from the top down ▪▪ The formwork tube can be opened and removed from the column. ▪▪ Make sure that the tube is completely detached from the surface of the concrete ▪▪ With RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD, the coating must be removed from the column ▪▪ Use a knife...

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FOR PERFECT CONCRETE SURFACES APPLICATION AREAS The innovative RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD formwork tube provides a high-density concrete surface. With its active, absorbent Cretcon HD coating, the exposed concrete column acquires a previously unachievable, high-quality concrete surface. With the activatable Cretcon HD coating, it is now possible to achieve a previously unattainable high-quality concrete surface finish on exposed concrete columns. ▪▪ Exposed concrete class SB 4, proved ▪▪ The new standard for exposed concrete construction owing to hydrogel-formwork-skin ▪▪ Pore-free, uniform colouring...

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION CERTIFIED EXPOSED CONCRETE CLASSIFICATION: ▪▪ Highest porosity class P4 ▪▪ Highest colour uniformity class FT3 ▪▪ Highest texture class T3 ▪▪ Highest smoothness class E3 ▪▪ Highest construction joint and formwork skin joint class AF4 Exposed concrete class SB 4 Concreted column DIMENSIONS Type Concreted column Spiral marking

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WINNER OF THE 2013 INNOVATION PRIZE SHAPELIER, BETTER, PORE-FREE Architects applaud the aesthetics of high-quality exposed concrete columns and contractors welcome the formwork solution to provide them. With its innovative, activatable hydrogel skin, RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD formwork creates a unique concrete surface. The innovation is leading the way where previous clients – and other protagonists of perfect exposed concrete architecture – had their reservations because of irritating pores, cavities and mottling. Standard cardboard formwork tubes provided with a synthetic film insert were compared...

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THE HIGHEST CLASSIFICATION IN EVERY WAY TEXTURE, FLATNESS, CONSTRUCTION JOINTS AND FORMWORK SKIN JOINTS The RAPIDOBAT® design means the specimens meet the highest demands of the classifications specified in the DBV "Exposed concrete" fact sheet. In contrast to the standard tube, RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD tubes do not have formwork skin joints and can therefore be unquestionably classified into formwork skin joint class AF 4. The idea of an activatable hydrogel formwork skin, which the RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD tubes are provided with, even convinced the top class jury of the 2013 Concrete Element Supplier...

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RAPIDOBAT® LINED RAPIDOBAT® Lined FOR VERY SMOOTH CONCRETE SURFACES APPLICATION AREAS By employing a special foil, the concrete column meets the highest demands of formwork skin class SHK3 and texture class T3. This means that RAPIDOBAT® Lined is particularly well suited to produce economical exposed concrete columns in a very short time. ▪▪ Tried and trusted manufacturer of highest quality column formwork for more than 20 years ▪▪ Recyclable material ▪▪ Keeps its shape even in driving rain ▪▪ Matching capitals and bases available The integrated ripcord allows quick and easy stripping of the reinforced...

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