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Catalogue excerpts

KUNEX® sealing technology Thermoplastic joint tapes for sealing construction and expansion joints in concrete KUNEX® – Made in Germany KUNEX® quality joint tapes

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KUNEX® Contact Warsaw London Kiev Paris Bucharest Rome Madrid H-BAU TECHNIK GMBH Am Güterbahnhof 20 79771 Klettgau Germany Phone +49 (0) 77 42 | 92 15-20 Telefax +49 (0) 77 42 | 92 15-90 info.klettgau@h-bau.de www.h-bau.de www.jp-bautechnik.de PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY NORTH-EAST Brandenburger Allee 30 14641 Nauen OT Wachow Germany Phone +49 (0) 3 32 39 | 7 75-20 Telefax +49 (0) 3 32 39 | 7 75-90 info.berlin@h-bau.de PRODUCTION CHEMNITZ Beyerstraße 21 09113 Chemnitz Germany Phone +49 (0) 371 | 40041-0 Telefax +49 (0) 371 | 40041-99 SOUTH Paul Rieger Phone +49 (0) 77 42 | 92 15-21 Telefax +49 (0) 77 42 | 92 15-93...

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Sealing technology KUNEX® Joint tapes General Planning and execution 4-5 KUNEX® Construction joint tapes 10-12 KUNEX® Star tubes 13-14 KUNEX® Expansion joint tapes 15-16 KUNEX® Corner joint tapes 17 KUNEX® Planged joint tapes 18-19 KUNEX® Joint end tapes 20 KUNEX® Spliced solutions 21-22 KUNEX® Silo joint tapes 23 KUNEX® quality joint tapes

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Planning and execution General information The most suitable joint tape must be specified on the basis of the anticipated loads. Ensure the tape is ■■ Joints should be as straight as possible, orderly and without elevation differences. ■■ Joint intersections should be at right angles where possible. ■■ Joint distance to grooves and edges ≥ 500 mm. ■■ Where possible, place construction joints in element zones subject to minor loads only. ■■ Concise drawings of the joint tapes, the joint profile, connections and crossovers. ■■ The original width of expansion joints is generally 20 mm. applied to...

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Planning and execution Regulations DIN  18197 controls planning, design, handling, processing and installation of joint tapes corresponding to German standards DIN  7865 and DIN 18541. Additional regulations dealing with watertight structures can be found in the DAfStb guidelines Watertight Concrete Structures (Wasserundurchlässige Bauwerke aus Beton). Important notes Transportation The joint tape must be loaded carefully and unloaded and secured for transportation. It must be examined for damage and completeness on delivery. Storage in winter In winter the PVC-P joint tapes must be stored, where...

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Application examples Graphical representation of a watertight structure using KUNEX* joint tapes 1 KUNEX® internal construction joint tape 5 2 KUNEX® star tube 6 3 KUNEX® external expansion joint tape 7 4 KUNEX® construction joint tape, external, end 8 KUNEX® internal expansion joint tape KUNEX® joint end tape KUNEX® joint end strip KUNEX® external construction joint tape KUNEX® construction joint tape, internal

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KUNEX® joint tapes in construction Construction, movement and dummy joints are primarily differentiated in concrete and reinforced concrete construction, depending on design and type. Construction joint Construction joints are planned if concreting on an element needs to be interrupted. The elements must be tightly connected. No movement is allowed between the different sections. Internal and external joint tapes are used to seal construction joints. If movement occurs, expansion joint tapes must be used. Expansion joint In this joint type the elements are separated by a running joint, i.e. the...

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Product overview KUNEX® internal joint tape KUNEX® external construction joint tape KUNEX® star tube KUNEX® internal expansion joint tape KUNEX® external expansion joint tape KUNEX® flanged joint tape KUNEX® joint end and joint closure tapes KUNEX® silo joint tape KUNEX® custom solutions Custom profiles and spliced solutions

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General information Materials Standard PVC-P raw material in the following quality classes: ■■ DIN standard (DIN 18541) bitumen-compatible (BC) or non-bitumen-compatible (NB) ■■ Work standard bitumen-compatible (BC) or non-bitumen-compatible (NB) ■■ Work standard physiologically harmless Also available based on PE or TPE raw materials. Physical joint tape properties construction joint tape work standard tensile strength to DIN EN ISO 527 yield point to DIN EN ISO 527 hardness to Shore A DIN 53505 fire performance to DIN 410 temperature resistance expansion joint tape work standard normally flammable...

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Construction joint tapes KUNEX® construction joint tapes for watertight structures KUNEX® internal or external, thermoplastic (PVC-P) construction joint tapes for sealing construction joints in concrete. Thanks to the fact that the tapes are installed with half the tape on either side and thanks to the configuration of the sealing anchors, a very good connection to the concrete is achieved, in addition to an increase in the area of the joint seal. The expansion element serves to flexibly connect the structural elements. Construction joint tapes are thermally spliced to be imper­ meable using a...

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Construction joint tapes KUNEX® internal construction joint tape type work standard width of expansion element b [mm] thickness of expansion element c [mm] Additional properties steel reinforced, internal e = 100 mm steel reinforced, internal e = 125 mm fixing eyes * Construction joint tape type A100S only available steel reinforced Application examples 11 KUNEX® quality joint tapes

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Construction joint tapes KUNEX® external construction joint tape d type work standard sealing anchor height d [mm] width of expansion element b [mm] thickness of expansion element c [mm] All KUNEX® external construction joint tapes, type DIN, are also available bitumen-compatible.

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Star tubes KUNEX® star tubes for watertight structures KUNEX® thermoplastic (PVC-P) star tubes for sealing dummy and defined cracking joints in concrete. Star tubes consist of a soft PVC casing with four sealing anchors and two crack formation lips. The star tube is installed in a hard PVC inner sleeve to stabilise the casing. The two crack formation lips help to form an intentional, defined crack, which is then sealed by the four sealing anchors. ■■ Hard PVC inner sleeve for stabilisation ■■ General technical test certificate ■■ Star tube also available with eyes Application KUNEX® star tubes...

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