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TALENTO PLUS TALENTO PLUS The special feature: Menu guidance @ la Grsslin

Antenna GPS Antenna DCF external button talento plus TOP The menu technology Date-dependent switching programs 䕕 14 languages available in 2 sets >
max. 50 m Illuminated display Օ Clear layout with 3-line menu text Expandable to 8 channelsՕ Channel expansion can be placed in different distributors Flexibly assigned operating buttons Օ Operation as easy as making a phone call Multi-year holiday programmingՕ Countdown function, impulse counter and override by external input Impulse counter >
talento CE plus Օ Hour meter with per-channel reset >
talento VM plus talento VM plus PIN code to avoid program manipulation
Օ PC-supported program creation and program trans- >
talento CE plus talento 992 plus mission via taxxi, USB memory, Internet, LAN >
talento PC taxxi plus Setting programs Weekly, annual repeater, annual non repeat 12h am/pm.
Օ Language selection D, GB, F, I, E, ON/OFF, pulse or cycle >
Antenna GPS Antenna DCF By external control input it is posible to switch selected channels permanently ON until next programmed com - mand, to set countdown timer for selected channels, as well as to enable impulse counting. Each channel of talento 89x/99x plus has the capability Օ Setting day light time for summer and winter >
Internet to work as an hour meter with reset function. It is also Factory setting CET P, CZ, NL, S, N, DK, FIN, L, H
Օ Setting year, month, day, hours, possible to set maintenance service times for each channel Setting can be modified to specific dates. with a warning signal. >
PC LAN Օ Channel expansion configuration Taxxi mode or date transmission Օ Backlight fixed or off after 2 minutes
No unwanted manipulation thanks to entering minutes Factory setting CET a PIN code Օ Hour meter by channel External input configuration for override, countdown or impulse counter. Օ Time display 12 h Random move of ON or OFF switching commands during absence Օ Setting time display 24h or >

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    0308 82.01.1207.7 Programming made easy.TALENTO PLUS Grsslin GmbH Bundesstrae 36 D-78112 St. Georgen Germany Phone: +49 (0) 7724 / 933-0 Fax: +49 (0)...
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    TALENTO PLUSTALENTO PLUS DIN-rail time switches Grsslins state-of-the-art time switch technology makes life in residential, office, commercial and industrial...
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    TALENTO PLUS TALENTO PLUS Easy to digest: Digital menus from Grsslin A la carte... or our specialties Operation ... ... the annual time switch talento...
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    TALENTO PLUS TALENTO PLUS The practical feature: One menu for everything Communication Antenna GPS Antenna DCF external button talento plus MEDIUM > ...
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    TALENTO PLUS TALENTO PLUS Overview digital DIN-rail time switches talento 371 mini plus talento 371 plus talento 471 plus talento 671 plus DCF talento...
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