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Catalogue excerpts

DESK AND FLOOR SCREENS An easy way to create a personal space and privacy, even in the most open office landscape. ScreenIT desk and floor screens provide protection against noise while maintaining an open and transparent office. Their colour and shape contribute to a creative and productive environment. The ScreenIT range has been expanded with several new screens. SCREENIT A30 Wooden frame filled with sound absorbing anti-allergy foam and lined with foam laminated fabric. Total thickness 40 mm. Tested and ISO A-classed by SP as floor and wall screens, tests results including fire class are available on our website. (page 17) SCREENIT A30 POCKET A30 screen with pockets for magazines. (page 48) SCREENIT A30 ALL IN ONE Like reinforced A30 but with a built-in (not on) toolbar rail with integrated cable channel inside the screen, exiting under the desk. (page 22) SCREENIT A30 REINFORCED SCREENIT A30 DESK BOOTH A30 Screen and side screens zipped together. (page 24) A wooden reinforced screen with metal frame filled with A-classed sound absorbing material, pin able and with foam laminated fabric. 40 mm thick. Takes up to 25 kg in accessories, monitors etc. (page 20) Floor screens zipped together to form a booth shape on discrete heels. (page 34-35) A30 multi-used screen with no holes. (page 19) SCREENIT A30 WITH PLEXI A30 with a plexi screen on the top. A perfect combination of sound absorption and visibility. (page 23) PAZ (PURE AIR ZONE) SCREENIT A30 SLIDE Slidable A30 screen mounted on a rail for horizontal movement. Ideal for workstations placed opposite each other. (page 18) 10 DESK AND FLOOR SCREENS Table screen that enhances your productivity and health. PAZ combines the functions of sound absorption and air purification in a patented design. 54 mm thick. (page 26-27)

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ORDER PROCEDURE SCREENS ORDER PROCEDURE BOOTH 1. SELECT SCREEN AND SCREEN SIZE 1. SELECT SCREEN AND SCREEN SIZE 2. SELECT SCREEN COLOUR 2. SELECT SCREEN COLOUR (Contact us for other fabrics, colours and sizes. (Contact us for other fabrics, colours and sizes. An extra cost will be charged per change) An extra cost will be charged per change) 3. SELECT ZIP OR SEAM COLOUR 3. SELECT SEAM COLOUR ON SCREEN 4. SELECT CLAMPS OR MOUNTS 4. SELECT ZIP TO CONNECT SCREENS 5. SELECT CLAMPS OR MOUNTS (ONLY DESK SCREEN) See page 24. SCREENPRINT (See page 38) Specify the article number as follows: Desk screen...

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EVENT SCREEN (Suede imitation textile, dirt repellent) ARTIFICIAL LEATHER 12 DESK AND FLOOR SCREENS

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TWIST MELANGE NOTE! For exact textile dyes, ORDER TEXTILE MAPS FROM US. Colour code zip: 113 (fishbone silvergrey/brown) Colour code zip: 112 (fishbone white/black) Colour code zip: 111 (fishbone black/purple) Colour code zip: 110 (fishbone black/yellow) Colour code zip: 109 (fishbone black/red) Colour code zip: 108 (fishbone black/black) Colour code zip: 107 (fishbone black/white) Colour code zip: 106 (silver) Colour code zip: 105, seam: 205 (red) Colour code zip: 104, seam: 204 (purple) Colour code zip: 103, seam: 203 (green) Colour code zip: 102, seam: 202 (orange) Colour code zip: 101, seam:...

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SCREEN MOUNTS On this page you will find our most common mounts. The bracket on the image above is a desk mount (keyhole) for guick and easy installation of the Halfpipe cable holder NOTE! See drawings of desk screens and mounts on our website to check if this fits your desk, Gotessons have more screens and fittings than Qhnwn hprp clamP Adjustable Desk mount LMdM bllUWII libit). c|amp F|exjb|e Desk mount Adjustable Desk mount Desk mount Desk mount Mini mount Flexible keyhole angeled edge One Desk mout Slim Desk mount Slim Desk mount booth AT40 mount Desk Flexible reinforced above desk Foot Foot...

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SCREENIT STANDARD PRODUCT INFORMATION Art.No SCREENIT STANDARD 650 MM Desk screen with seam 640080 640120 640140 640160 640180 640200 SCREENIT STANDARD 800 MM Desk screen with seam 663080 663120 663140 663160 663180 663200 Desk screen with zip SCREENIT STANDARD ScreenIT Standard comes at a very affordable price. Combine fabric, zip or seam as desired. The screen has a solid core covered by a foam laminated fabric for sound absorption. It is also possible to use as pinboard or mount a toolbar for accessories. Maximum load 6 kg. ANGLE SHELF New! Shelf for corner mount. Hold the shields together. Mount...

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SCREENIT A30 ScreenIT A30 is the most popular screen series. On the following pages 16-24 you will see a wide range of different A30 Desk screens. Everything from the basic A30 screen to sliding screens, screens with feature moldings, flexible screens that can be used as a desk screen, floor screen and wall panel etc. You will also find the A30 with Plexiglas top, and screens zipped together as booth systems.

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SCREENIT A30 PRODUCT INFORMATION Art.No SCREENIT A30 SOUND ABSORBING DESK SCREEN 650 MM See ranges on page 12-13 A30 desk screen with seam 643080 W. 800 H. 650 643120 W. 1200 H. 650 643140 W. 1400 H. 650 643160 W. 1600 H. 650 643180 W. 1800 H. 650 643200 W. 2000 H. 650 A30 desk screen with zip 643080 W. 800 H. 650 643120 W. 1200 H. 650 643140 W. 1400 H. 650 643160 W. 1600 H. 650 643180 W. 1800 H. 650 643200 W. 2000 H. 650 SCREENIT A30 DESK SCREEN The screen is developed to maximize sound absorption. It has a wooden frame filled with A-classed sound absorbing material and is coated with a foam...

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SCREENIT A30 SLIDE PRODUCT INFORMATION Art.No SCREENIT A30 SLIDE 650 MM See ranges on page 12-13 A30 Slide with seam 667080 W. 800 H. 650 667100 W. 1000 H. 650 667120 W. 1200 H. 650 667140 W. 1400 H. 650 A30 Slide with zip 667080 W. 800 667100 W. 1000 667120 W. 1200 667140 W. 1400 Order procedure, see page 11. Facts: Standard height from desk top if desk is 20 mm. 650 mm screen = 420 mm, 800 mm screen = 570 mm. Slide rail for A30 Slide Extruded aluminium slide rail pack. 1 rail/screen. 668140-1 1400 mm white 668140-3 1400 mm silver 668160-1 1600 mm white 668160-3 1600 mm silver 668180-1 1800 mm...

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SCREENIT A30 FLEXIBLE PRODUCT INFORMATION Art.No SCREENIT A30 FLEXIBLE 650 MM See ranges on page 12-13 A30 no holes with seam 627080 W. 800 H. 650 627120 W. 1200 H. 650 627140 W. 1400 H. 650 627160 W. 1600 H. 650 627180 W. 1800 H. 650 Tip! ScreenIT A30 with height adjustable mounting brackets. holes with seam W. 800 H. 800 W. 1200 H. 800 W. 1400 H. 800 W. 1600 H. 800 W. 1800 H. 800 Order procedure, see page 11. Please specify where to place the zipper; short side or long side. Always placed on the width measure. SCREENIT A30 FLEXIBLE The screen can be used as a desk, floor and wall screen. You...

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