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Vizio Projection FilmActive and Passive LCG® for ProjectionGauzy's specially developed liquid crystal projection films and patented controllers enable opacity for privacy and projection when you need it, and transparency for visibility and an open atmosphere when you want it. Features • HD images and video •    180° viewing with no image distortion • No glare like traditional light displays • White and Dark RetroFit and Laminated Film • Patented controllers for on/off, dimming, multi-panel control, and ethereal semitransparent displays • Passive Film for surfaces that never need transparency - the best value projection screen on the market •    100% utilization of shop fronts, facade windows, and glass walls • Location and time based messaging or preprogrammed content • Transparent displays for polite advertising • Replace expensive LED displays and HD TV's that occupy valuable window space when not in use • High ROI: easy to clean, low maintenance, minimal energy consumption, and no discoloration from projection lights

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Vizio Projection Film & LCG® Polite Advertising Ad’s appear when you want them, and disappear when you don’t, while saving time and costs associated with traditional signage that regularly changes on store fronts and in stores Real Time Projection Show location and time based advertisements and events on restaurant and bar windows encouraging walk-ins, while still allowing pedestrians to see inside Offices Use glass walls in offices and conference rooms as projection surfaces and white boards when opaque, or activate for an open feeling. Ideal for passive portable partitions Building Facades Replace...

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