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Hospitals A Modern Privacy Solution for Healthcare Facilities Traditional fabric curtains collect pathogens responsible for spreading infectious hospital acquired diseases amongst patients, doctors, staff, and visitors, while being unattractive and old fashioned. LCG® provides a high-tech, sophisticated, and sterile privacy solution patients and staff appreciate □ Eliminate fabric and disposable curtains that accumulate bacteria, decompose over time, and create recurring costs □ Privacy when opaque, and an open atmosphere when transparent □ Monitor patients without entering a room □ Portable partitions on wheels to change space configuration instantly □ Sterile, antiallergenic, and easy to clean - a towel and antibacterial solution □ Glass helps mitigate sound □ High ROI and Low Maintenance □ Laminated or RetroFit White, Dark, Vizio Projection, and Spectrum films □ Supports DMX Interface and Automated Control Ready

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Gauzy Applications Shared Patient Rooms Create a dynamic sense of privacy in large, shared patient rooms with an aesthetic and sterile divider ICU's and Operating Rooms Maintain maximum sterility with easy to clean LCG® glass surfaces that maintain opacity during surgeries and treatments, and transparency when needed Movable Partitions Modify the configuration of a space instantly with LCG® Move: a lightweight, portable, switchable partition. Also, ideal for private practices Private Patient Rooms Check on patients without having to enter a room by simply changing a door from opaque to transparent...

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