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Catalogue excerpts

Applied Material Science Gauzy is a vendor of material science focused on the continuous research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of liquid crystal technologies, implemented by diverse industries, including: automotive, hospitality, retail, commercial, healthcare, home appliances and more. We are big enough to deliver and small enough to care. As a globally recognized leader in the development and production of LCG® (Liquid Crystal Glass), our liquid crystal technology, mechanical controllers, testing tools, and certification programs support a complete solution for our global partners,...

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Gauzy independently owns and operates an on-site R&D lab where technology is developed, a state of the art production facility where our films and controllers are manufactured, and we offer complete training and certification for our partners to ensure quality LCG®. Our patented formulations and control technologies are available in various forms, making our product offerings diverse. While currently focused on Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC), this is only one member of the vast family of chromogenic device technologies in development.

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Innovation Gauzy's R&D team are pioneers in creating revolutionary technology, employing principles of chemistry and physics, which allow the company to fully develop and commercialize novel liquid crystal based products. Liquid crystal in considered the fourth state of matter, sharing both liquid and solid properties. LC’s allow different forms of light (ultraviolet, visible, infrared) to be controlled when applied to transparent apertures. Our sophisticated PDLC films, combined with glass, make up our LCG®. Liquid Crystal Layer Liquid Crystal Layer Light Liquid Crystal Film Liquid Crystal Film +...

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Production High quality and on-time delivery are supported by our streamlined manufacturing system, featuring a custom UV curing roll-to-roll production line, and precise laser cutting machines for raw material rolls and cut-to-fit sheet orders. Our production process employs advanced techniques superseding existing commercial methods resulting in: • Faster and fuller product curing • Efficient product scale-up • Higher capacity and yield • Max. roll width of 1.8m • Wide range of product offerings on one

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Liquid Crystal Films (PDLC, PDSLC, NLC, PPDLC) Gauzy offers a diverse portfolio of films all available in RetroFit and Laminated applications, with a maximum roll width of 1.8m. Our films allow glass to switch from transparent to opaque on demand with Gauzy controllers, and are characterized by ultra-low haze, minimal energy consumption, high light transmittance, fast switching times and the best optical performance. Dimming, on/off, high-low voltage; natural and aesthetic for privacy in hospitality, commercial, corporate Dimming, on/off, high-low voltage; ideal for automotive, home appliances,...

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Controllers Gauzy's LCG ® Controllers each have unique characteristics respectively, and are all CE & UL compliant. Controllers are compatible with Gauzy touch panels and off-the-shelf switches, supporting any design, while optimizing life-cycle and performance of LC products. The Flex Controller is offered for both on/off and dimming control. Key features include a small footprint, advanced protection features, WIFI/DMX/RS-485 support and compatibility, up to 10 m2 drive capacity, and low energy consumption for high ROI. The MultiPlex Controller can be customized to include up to 32 outputs,...

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Tools Gauzy’s tools support in-field and on-site support, ensuring all properties of LCG® are performing before, during, and after lamination and installation. We also offer special Sales Tools including the Gauzy Sample Kit, Demo Kit, Active Slide Samples, and marketing materials for each product and vertical. ATE (Automatic Testing Station) Marketing Tools

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FP - Full Patent | UM - Utility Model | TM - Trademark

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Current Status FP - Full Patent | UM - Utility Model | TM - Trademark

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Executive Management Eyal Peso Adrian Lofer Meir Peleg Yaniv Shubinsky Brittany Kleiman Swisa Hadas Talmi Mahler Marketing Director

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B2B – Our Go2Market Gauzy offers Glass Processors, Fabricators, and Installers the unique opportunity to be a Certified Gauzy Partner. Global partners are carefully selected, undergo extensive on-site training, and receive the tools necessary to guarantee the LCG® verification and installation process. Working with Gauzy enables partners to expand their portfolio with our Laminated and RetroFit solutions, while increasing their share in the market to stand out from competition. Become a Gauzy Certified Partner 12 Certification Program Quality Testing Film Lamination Post Lamination Testing

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Embedded Material Science Gauzy's LCG® Technology can be seen worldwide. Check out some highlighted projects from our constantly growing portfolio.

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Worldwide Addressable Market The following figures represent the worldwide market potential of different sectors Gauzy is focused on. Flat Glass Market 2017 Flat Glass Market 2017 Glass Partition Market 2 Glass Partition Market 2 Smart Glass and Windows Demand 3 Smart Glass and Windows Demand 3 4 Projection Screen Market Projection Screen Market 1 2 Global Glass Partition Market Report (2016). Gen Consulting Company. 1 Expected to reach this number by 2017. Global Glass Partition Market...

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North    South America    America Market share Average growth rate

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Stay in TouchGauzy Offices WW Gauzy HQ 14 Hathiya Street, Unit 203 Tel Aviv - Yafo, Israel 6816914 1 +972-72-250-0385 Gauzy USA 25 West Easy Street, Suite 301 Simi Valley, California 93065 1 +1 562 879 8439 West Coast 1 +1 817 800 9697 East Coast 1 +1 805 864 9036 Sales Center email: Website:

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