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LCG® for Automotive Applications Gauzy offers OEM’s and Tier 1 Suppliers a complete solution, providing cutting-edge light control technology including Liquid Crystal and SPD Films. Our premium RetroFit or Laminated LCG® ,and custom controllers, enables glass to switch from transparent to various levels of opaque on demand, while controlling visible and infrared light. Available in White, Grey, Vizio, and Patterned Highest transparency: 2.5% avg. haze VLT: Translucent Dark Grey – 3.5%; Clear - 63% Thinnest Films: RetroFit with anti-scratch coating: 300µ Laminated: 270µ Dedicated automotive grade controller with built-in redundancy that operates directly from the car’s battery at 9-16 VDC Unique morphology for HD images and video when used for projection Additional technical specifications available upon request

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Dynamic Applications Polite Advertising Sun Shading with Patterned LCG® Dynamic location and time-based advertising in commercial vehicles, or car sharing programs featuring color rich HD images and video with 180° viewing angles. Custom controllers turn windows transparent when the engine is on or the vehicle is in motion. Pixel films can be used to replace sun visors on windshields, spider nets after pillar B, or to provide sectioned or total sun shading in all windows or panoramic sunroofs with IR blocking capabilities. Dimming controllers allow gradual control of glass opacity for a customized...

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