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Gaia-Wind Turbines - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Gaia-Wind Turbines your own WIND TURBINE

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Gaia-Wind Energy Stuart Goodale It doesn’t have to be so difficult - only four months after making the decision, Stuart Goodale could inaugurate his own household wind turbine. The two-bladed Gaia-Wind turbine stands 18 metres high up to the nameplate, and when the blade points up to the sky its tip stands 25 metres above the ground. Gaia-Wind develops and manufactures small and efficient wind turbines for supplying electricity to properties such as private houses, farms, offices, companies and swimming pools. With 150 wind turbines already installed, Gaia-Wind has more than 1,000 years of operational...

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WIND TURBINE your own To us ‘environment’ means even more than just clean energy. The design of wind turbines is a high priority at Gaia-Wind. Our turbines are mounted with reflection-free light grey blades, which match the sky and the clouds. With the slim line design of the nacelle, together with its extremely low noise output, enables the wind turbine adapts easily into the surrounding countryside. Reliability of an established design Gaia-Wind turbines have been developed according to ‘Danish design’; the design basis for most of the large wind turbines on the market. Our products are based...

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Everything under control The control system has been developed from the controllers of large turbines. It contains multiple sensors which continuously monitor the status and performance of the turbine. The internet connection for the controller means the wind turbine can be monitored online. With every internet-connected computer or PDA, you can check the energy production and the operational status of your Gaia-Wind turbine. You will also be able to view historical production overviews. With this particular function, a grey windy day becomes a bit more enjoyable when you can monitor the amount...

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ELECTRICITY your own independant energy - environmental friendly energy Can we be of service? Gaia-Wind offers a wide range of services, including assistance in the selection, installation and operation of your own wind turbine. From first contact, we provide information and practical support, and can help answer the following questions: • What are the local wind conditions? • Are there grants or financing schemes available for wind turbines? • Is a wind turbine on your site a competitive solution? • Which position is the most advantageous? We can also provide support with: • The Planning application...

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www.gaia-wind.com Gaia-WindYOUR OWN WIND TURBINE Gaia-Wind Ltd, 1 Ainslie Road, Hillington Park, Glasgow G52 4RU, United Kingdom, Tel: +44 (0) 845 871 4242, E: mail@gaia-wind.com

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