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Company Brochure - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

High performance small wind turbine: Gaia-Wind: an established designer and manufacturer of small wind turbines ideally suited to farms, rural properties, businesses, and community projects. www.gaia-wind.com Gaia-Wind GENERAT/NO BETTER VALUE

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Gaia-Wind turbines have a long track record of performance. Over 500 of our wind turbines have been installed worldwide with a combined operational history of more than 1500 years. Our 133-11kW turbine benefits from more than 20 years of Danish design exprience, and we continue to invest in its research and development. Originally a Danish company established in 1993, our global headquarters are now located in Glasgow, Scotland, from where we manufacture and distribute our turbines worldwide. Generating electricity for:  Farms 镕 Rural properties  Businesses Օ Community projects Why install a Gaia-Wind...

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esigned for locations with average animal wind spee between 10-17mph (4.5-7.5 m/s), our turbine is ideally suited sites with large open spaces such as farms, rural properties, businesses, and community projects. About the Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbi ne Quiet running One of the quietest turbines of its size thanks to a constant speed blade rotation. Reliability and safety Three levels of braking mechanisms ensure that the blade never runs out of control. High energy production A large 13m blade allows the turbine to capture much more energy from the wind than similar rated trubines, which means higher...

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Forget generator size. Did you know that the most important factor in assessing the performance of a wind turbine is the swept area of the blades? This is the size of the area covered when the rotor blades turn. The bigger the blades, the more energy collected from the wind. Typical annual energy production* 5m/s site: 27,500kWh 6m/s site: 38,000kWh 7m/s site: 46,500kWh *Based on Microgeneration Certification Scheme test data Bigger blades are better The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW wind turbine has a very large swept area of 133m2 which is considerably bigger than many other small wind turbines on the...

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me main source of noise from a wind turbine is caused by the blade tips cutting through the air, and as the blades pitch or furl in high winds. Turbine noise generally increases the faster the wind blows. Gaia-Wind 133-11kw turbine  High energy yield Օ Fast payback  Internationally tested Օ Reliable  Quiet Օ Clean energy Understanding turbine noise The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine is expertly designed to rotate at a constant speed, ensuring that noise levels remain low across its operational range, and even in high winds. The blades do not feather or furl. What the Gaia-Wind turbine sounds like...

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What our customers say... " Since commissioning, the turbine has operated faultlessly and has achieved a higher output than projected. It runs very smoothly and quietly and cannot be heard in the house which is only 70 metres from it." " Visitors are impressed that the turbine is so quiet and that it is productive even in reasonably light winds..." " The tower is 150 metres from our home and its absolutely silent. We are producing more energy than we need; probably about 70% is exported to the grid." GW-UK-15

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