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PC® 164 Coating compound

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Product data sheet PC® 164 Coating compound Page: 1 1. Description and area of application ® PC 164 is a solvent-free 1-component coating on the basis of synthetic resin, which is specially designed for the ® application on FOAMGLAS slabs. It is suitable indoors as a ® coating on FOAMGLAS insulation for ceilings or walls. 2. Processing 2.1 Pre-treatment of the subsurface and preparation of the product ® After eventual leveling of the FOAMGLAS slabs by grinding, the surface must be dust free. 2.2 Preparation of the product ® ® PC 164 is ready for use and is simply mixed slightly before processing. No other products may be added to the PC 164. 2.3 Processing technology ® ® PC 164 must be applied with a stainless steel trowel. Apply the coating of approx. 2 kg and embed the PC 150 ® 2 reinforcement tissue immediately, with an overlapping of 10 cm, and cover again with PC 164 (1 kg/m ). The structure of the reinforcement must be easily visible. 2.4 Cleaning the tools ® At the end of work, the tools must be cleaned with water. The dry PC 164 may be removed with cellulose solvents. Modules (windows, doors, etc.) cannot be cleaned with cellulose solvents and must be protected with for ex. self-adhesive tape. 2.5 Product Safety Notice All material safety data sheets (MSDS) are available. They aim to ensure a safe handling of the product and correct disposal by the customer.

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Product data sheet PC® 164 Coating compound Page: 2 3. Type of delivery and storage Container with 25 kg (net content) - Store cool and dry in well-closed containers. - Protect against heat and direct exposure to sunrays. - Protect against frost. At least 1 year in sealed original container. 4. Consumption As primer: approx. 3.5 kg/m These quantities must be considered as guide values; they depend on the subsurface properties, the application methods and the site conditions, etc. Thin-bed coating Dispersion adhesive on a liquid polymer dispersion base as well as mineral extenders, sands and...

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